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Social Media Roundup - June 2016.

Social Media Roundup - June 2016.

Social Media Stats - June 2016. 

Social Media Stats - June 2016. 

Oh hey shall I mention again how it's JULY now? No? Let's crack straight on to how my social media fared over June. 

Gwennan Rees Illustration: 

1. Baby Luggage. 

If you do follow my illustration account on Instagram you'll know that I've been taking part in  #The100DayProject and that's essentially all I am posting these days. My most well loved post this month was day 63 titled 'You Have To Bring A Lot Of Luggage When You Have A Baby For The Day." And ain't that the truth. She's not even my child and the bags and preparations you have to make and the things you have to take with you when you have her for the day is insane. Oh and FYI these are the boots I bought in Primark a few weeks ago in Wrexham and they basically haven't left my feet. 

2. Leopard Spots. 

And these are the only shoes that have replaced the above boots on my feet! I got these in Primark (no surprise there) last summer and honestly they are the most comfortable most gorgeous shoes to wear and I have fully accepted that when these fall through the bottom I'll have to invest in some Vans version because I love them so much. This was my second most liked post of the month and the photos that involve these shoes always do well. Legit have spent about 20 minutes looking at this photo trying to work out where I took it but nope, got nothing. 

3. Conwy Collective. 

Finally my third favourited photo of the month was a welcome break from my 100 day project. I mentioned in my Friday Favs a few weeks ago that I worked on a project with graphic designer Ben Seas before Christmas and I got my hands on the physical copy and this was it! We've actually since worked on something else based on this map which we completed last week so I'm sure you'll see some of that floating about too!

Keep up to date with my 100 day Project here!

Twenty Something Meltdown: 

1. Thick Thighs. 

I found it quite amusing that my most popular post of June 2016 was this little beauty of a quote.  I captioned this one 'got my summer bod sorted' which I think sums up how I feel about beach body ready this season. It's no surprise that this was my most popular of this month, it's an absolute corker and I think people resonate with 1. getting a bit sick of that beach body pressure and 2. people love puppies. Also this was the first post of mine that every got over 100 likes which I know is not massive for some people but took me a really long time to achieve (and I'm pleased to say several posts after this got over 100 likes too so yayyyy). 

2. My Girl. 

Last week after my niece was all snotty and poorly and before I got all snotty and poorly we spent the day together playing and looking at the birds in the garden and she helped me do a bit of work too. I had some printing to do for work so after she had a nap my mum brought her up to me and she sat on my lap with her blocks and watched. She's literally the cutest little helper so I wasn't surprised she got a fair bit of love. 

3. Hedgehog or Hot Cross Bun?

Yes the lesser known cousin to the hotdog or legs dilemma; enter the hedgehog or hot cross bun. I uploaded this earlier in the month letting everyone know what level my Pinterest mammoth session had got to and I got an overwhelming response of people like HAHAHA ME TOO. Sometimes Pinterest can develop that same type of wormhole experience that Youtube is famous for and this was definitely one of those evenings. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE OMG. 

Twitter wise I flopped again with my illustration account. I haven't taken part in as many chats as I would have liked on either account this month just because I've had a bunch of busy evenings but whilst my blog account has still flourished, this one has suffered. 

I tweeted about the same amount as May but I got around 13K less impressions. I had less profile visits but a few more followers which is always nice (hi to you all!) I did however have less mentions which is understandable when I didn't take part in as many chats. Hopefully July will be better for this account but in all honesty I'm away for a fortnight of this month and if one thing is going to fall by the wayside I know it will be this one. 

Follow me on my illustration account and make me speak to you!

My blog account yet again has taken on a life of it's own and I basically don't have to do anything to it and it still goes insane. It's pretty great to know I have that level of solid followers and interactors that I know will tick over even when I can't be as active (especially when I'm going away soon). 

I finally hit the big 1K this month and as I typed this post I hit 1.3K so it's going pretty crazy at a rate I basically can't keep up with (thank god for bullet journal trackers hey?) Despite saying I haven't taken as much time and put as much effort into my twitter this month because I've been busy but actually I realised I tweeted 500 times more (1.6K total FYI) which I put down to live tweeting more, especially about the goose, people loved that shit. This June alone I had nearly 100 THOUSAND MORE impressions than May, I hit 250K which is just insane frankly. I had 3000 more profile visits and 700 more mentions which is cray cray not taking part in as many chats. Best of all I had nearly 500 new followers June alone whereas May was 350 new followers so you can really see how fast my social media is growing. I love Twitter, I love the people I talk to on it so I am super super happy with how it's going. 

Quick update on my other stats for you too: 



I follow 285. Follows me 172 (May 2016). 

I follow 309. Follows me 538 (June 2016). 

Yeah you read that right, I had 366 new followers this month alone. I know some bloggers find Pinterest really difficult to get any growth and generate any blog views from and I was the same and still would be if it wasn't for one pin: my free bullet journal printables. You know those bloggers that say Pinterest is now their biggest blog referral over Twitter and they get thousands of impressions on their pins? Yeah that's me now too. Honestly I did nothing different to any other blogger and in fact I haven't uploaded my own pins in an age but my free printables pin went viral and you wouldn't believe the kind of stats I am getting from Pinterest now. 


Following 123. Follows me 60 (May 2016). 

Following 201. Follows me 124 (June 2016). I find Bloglovin really really really hard to get into and I commend anyone who gets a good following on there. I don't really know how to grow my Bloglovin following but I am appreciative that I finally hit the 100 mark. 

Google Analytics: 

Last month I started tracking on my blog my monthly stats - I have tracked it for a long long time on paper but I am nosey about everyone else's stats so here are mine! 

In May I had 1824 pageviews in 1167 sessions from 713 unique users. Just hear me out when you see June's stats cos I did a bit of a squeal. 

In June I had 16,515 pageviews in 11,120 sessions from 9568 unique users. Yeah, you read right. That's a jump of 8855 unique users in a single month and a rise of 14,691 pageviews in 30 days. I literally could kiss you all (or at least give you a discount on my shop or summin) because it means the world that you're reading this little corner of the internet and seem to be enjoying it! I can only hope my blog growth continues like this!

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