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Should We Edit Ourselves On Twitter?

Should We Edit Ourselves On Twitter?

Another post with me complaining about crap people on Twitter? You know I can make a blog post out of anything. 

I've been thinking a lot about Twitter of late, especially since drama has found it's way onto my feed Every. Bloody. Day. I kinda don't like Twitter at the mo? I like it for chats and for the people I like and genuinely want to talk to but I think I could easily edit my feed down to about 50 people and that'd be me done. 

Buttt that's not the point of Twitter, that's not the point of networking and that's why we've got feeds of thousands of people we don't care about or don't even like and that's how people with crap to say end up infiltrating the people I do want to check in on. 

In my moments of wisdom over Twitter (like this one on the lack of support in the blogging community) I started thinking about editing or filtering and maybe this was the answer to reducing all the hate on social media. 

Do you ever go to tweet an unpopular opinion or something a bit controversial and then don't, or hesitate, or think twice in fear of receiving hate? The fear of trolls or getting hate shouldn't be something we think about, we shouldn't expect the trolls to come out, it shouldn't be part and parcel of Twitter but I truly believe the 'pause' is something we could adopt. 

I don't think we should be forced to edit ourselves on Twitter if that's just because we're questioning posting an unpopular opinion or because we're saying something that doesn't fit with the norm. Life is made up of different opinions and that's fine. But we could edit ourselves when we're tempted to post something shitty. 

I'm no saint, people on Twitter piss me right off and sometimes the things they say make me want to tweet something sarky or be like REALLY. That's fine, people piss us off, they do in real life too. But I'd never actually do it. It would never even enter my head to actually troll someone or tweet them something nasty or call them out publicly. 

I don't know why you would? Why be so mean? Why let it get to you so much? Why troll why sub tweet why be nasty? I've said it again and I'll say it 20184974378357 x more : 


Next time you go to type something on Twitter that might offend people cos you're a shit, might be nasty to someone else or just generally is a dickish thing to say;

- Pause

- Think twice. 

- Don't post it you moron. 


And if your feed is full of people who haven't mastered how to edit themselves on Twitter, do what I do - just unfollow. Comes highly recommended. 














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