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Social Media Stats; July 2017

Social Media Stats; July 2017

Social Media Statistics - July 2017

Social Media Statistics - July 2017

Oh July you little beaut. After June when I was on jury service and wasn't scheduling and wasn't blogging and wasn't tweeting my stats suffered - but this month I have been back on it and more active than ever (well, like in a long time). 

I have been scheduling tweets every day, I've started scheduling tweets for my illustration account again, I have been pinning every week, I'm feeling on it with my blog content, I have a new look and I just generally feel like I've been making more of an effort - I even managed like two Twitter chats! 

And my stats reflect that....


So here's a fun little story for you. Earlier this month my Insta account disappeared. It just went. Basically my account was there but my posts were gone and I was just that grey interface without a photo. I had a notification on my app asking me to verify my phone number and then the Whatsapp gals messaged me like "URMMMM GWENNAN WHERE IS YOUR INSTA?" 

It came back when I verified my phone number but then all my posts were still gone and they came back bit by bit, like 10 followers at a time until they were all back again. Except I also lost about 60 followers in one go. And not the usual algorithm 'oh I gained 30 followers today lost 40'. No, these ones were properly gone and they didn't really come back. I'd just hit the 1100 mark and by the end of July I'd worked my way back up to 1084. I also had a cull of the people I was following (which you can read about here) and a lot of people noticed and unfollowed me back so yeah, this month wasn't so great for my following per se. 

Buttttt for my all round Instagram love? Much much better. I feel a lot happier with who I'm following and the kind of content I'm seeing and that in turn is making me more inspired to post the kind of content I like to see. I'm really enjoying Insta stories and enjoying sharing more of my life behind the blog and obvs people seem to like it too as my daily audience is only growing and growing. 

Content wise I've made (yet another) change to my posting regime. About a week and a half ago I was pretty busy and shared just one photo a day and my engagement rates were way higher than usual on them. I had over 130 likes on both and loads of comments and I mused whether it might be because they were on the feed longer? And lots of people messaged me saying they thought the same thing so since then I have been trying to just post once a day, and post higher quality snaps and on the whole, it's working. 




Like I said above, I was much better with Twitter this month. I scheduled at least 10 tweets a day, I did a coupla chats when I had time, I live tweeted, I chatted to people, I made more of an effort and it paid off. 

I tweeted a whopping 400 times more than in June, over 800 times in the month. I also had over 300 more mentions which was down to chats and generally posting more engaging content and a handy little tweet I wrote about not knowing what to tweet....

I had over 1000 more profile visits in July, around 2700 and I gained 210 followers putting me up to 3800. I'm gaining followers at a pretty steady pace, not like 200 every fortnight like back last year but steady. This month due to alllll of these lovely things my impressions went up from 71K to 132K which is much more like it. 


Another platform I've been trying to make an effort on. I have been regularly pinning my own content, particularly my bullet journal posts and I have made an effort to make my captons more SEO friendly - something I know I should be doing but rarely make a point of. 

The biggest change and the thing that I attribute to my general feeling my Pinterest is heading in the right direction is that I've been pinning more. I go through phases of pinning sprees and i know being more active draws people to you but I often find I just haven't had the time. Instead what I've been doing this month is going on my boards and pinning 10 similar pins, just 10 on a few boards a day and it's really made a difference. I just feel like I'm being seen more? Like the activity is really working and this month I jumped a healthy 194 followers to 2327 and as we speak I'm about to pass 3300. I also got 1 million 429 thousand odd impressions. 

Don't forget you can sign up to my group bullet journal board by emailing



What more can I say? I don't do anything to help myself, to change anything, to promote it in any way but I went from 531 followers to 524 so I don't know what I did to offend the rest of you. 

Google analytics; 

This is where I suffered most in June, and where I gained the most in July. I am used to getting around 1000 pageviews a day and this month I ended with 30,134 pageviews which is v much more like it. Obviously in August I put my blog on hiatus for 5 days which means I've dropped again but it's all worth it in the name of new blog design. 

It also pushed me nicely to over 460,000 all time pageviews which means by the end of September (the way things are going) I should tip over the half a million mark which would be very cute. 

Overall I had a good month, I didn't have a crazy increase but I had a steady one but more importantly than that I feel more motivated in myself. I feel like it's going the right way and I'm pushing out stuff I'm pleased with. Long may this inspiration continue! 












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