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Live & Let Live When It Comes To Blogging.

Live & Let Live When It Comes To Blogging.


Soz and chips for the out of season promo photo but it was Christmas that sparked off the rant that is about to ensue. 

Beef on Twitter and unpopular opinions and a bit of a good moan is nothing new but since Christmas this year I have found myself sighing more and more, unfollowing more and more and in the end the odd OH SHUT THE FUCK UP. Which inspired this post. 

The problem I'm having lately is bloggers not letting other bloggers just write wtf they want to without passing comment and judgement and bloody hell I'm sick to death of it. 

It first started with the are christmas present hauls tacky or not, it then moved onto complaints about people jumping to the gym in the New Year, then it was NYR Resolutions are a load of shit and the final straw for me was the 'new year new me is a load of bollocks, you can change whenever you want to.'

I just. 

I can't. 

Think 'what I got for Christmas' posts are tacky? That's a ok, you don't need to write one but hey, lots of people are nosey and enjoy reading those posts. Zip it.  

New gym bunnies enthusiastically clogging your gym? Soz I didn't realise you owned the place. Zip it.

Think NYE resolutions are a load of wank? Fair play, most of us WILL break them but does it impact your life in any way if we make them? No. Zip it.

 New Year New Me not your thing? Sure, you can make a change any time you want but some of us enjoy having a start date set in stone. Zip it. 

I am normally not one to unfollow on Twitter, I don't like the drama but I'm a nosey bitch so I'll always go a looking but this was something different. This was just people airing their opinions to undermine someone else's and I unfollowed like crazy cos just can't be dealing with that negativity on my feed. 

Sure, Twitter is full of unpopular opinions and a difference and that's a ok with me, I welcome that, that's life. But why tweet it? Like actually what's the need? Especially in such a derogatory way?

How do you think it makes someone feel to read a tweet along the lines of 'sick of this time of year, full of NYE Resolutions and new year new me bollocks' when they've just posted 10 blogs on the same topic?

Honestly I'm totally fine with a different opinion on Twitter, but I just can't be arsed with indirects and shitty tweets and lord can't we just keep our crappy opinions to ourselves and live and let live?

Post what you want, write what you want, think what you want.....but ffs keep it off Twitter k?

















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