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Social Media Stats; April 2017.

Social Media Stats; April 2017.

Social Media Statistics - April 2017. 

Social Media Statistics - April 2017. 

We can all pretend we don't care about the stats (and maybe some of you genuinely don't) but for me, watching the numbers and the milestones tick over is satisfying and whilst I pretend it's not the be all and end all, I DO like to see it rise so last month when I went down to a mere 800+ views a day (I'm being sarky, I know it's still fab) I was disappointed. 

Luckily this month was more of the same and I returned to normal for no apparent reason. Ahhh remember the bliss that was January 2017 when I had 64K pageviews in a month. Wonderful times. I wonder if I will ever reach those dizzying heights again. 


If you've caught up with my latest blog posts you'll know that mid April I changed back from a business Instagram account that I wasn't using to a personal account and I saw a much greater engagement and a rise in followers too. 

I had 985 followers when I wrote my last update and I'd been floating around that mark for a while but as I type this now I have 1042 and I've been floating round the 1030/1045 mark for a week or so. 

It's not a massive increase but honest to god it was taking me months on months to achieve what I've achieved in April. It was a bloody miracle I reached 1K, I was starting to feel like I'd never get there.... only 450 to go to hit my target for 2017 -insert rolling eyes here-

Read about why I changed back to a personal account here. 


In March I mentioned I was privvy to a massssss unfollowing of my account that meant I only had a handful of new followers, when in reality I actually had several a day. 

This month I tried a little harder and whilst I didn't do amazingly well or change my entire approach to social media, a little change saw a little reward. I tweeted around 100 more times than last month which was due to being better at scheduling and I also did a cracking Late Night Bloggers chat at the end of the month so I had around 4K more impressions than in March taking me just over 82.6K. 

This month my following raised again with over 600 more profile views and 200 more mentions (mainly down to chats and good response to some of my posts) andddd I got 120 new followers which shoved me past 3300.


I mention them a lot but they're like my saviours when it comes to social media every month but I have a few semi viral pins on Bullet Journaling floating around on Pinterest. They generate a lot of following and a lot of page referrals to my blog and they fluctuate a lot. Last month they weren't viewed as much and that meant my blog stats were down and at the end of this month they picked back up again. 

I had about 300 new followers this month which was lovely and I have 2379 at present. I am finally working my way back to the stage I was at when I foolishly deleted a board last summer and lost half my following in one day. This month I had just over 157 million impressions and views on Pinterest which is exactly the same as I did last month so the traffic is definitely being pushed toward the blog not my Pinterest account at the mo. 


I still don't quite know how I feel about Bloglovin after all the drama. I don't really know what they changed, what they fixed, what it actually means for our accounts or where our views are going but I've changed the way I'm using it in the hope I am helping bloggers out. I use it more of a way of reminding me which blogs I want to catch up on and then I actually visit the blog direct- consider it more a ginormous list of people I want to check in on.

That being said, that doesn't have anything to do with my blog or my following so in the spirit of sharing I had 18 new followers taking me to 468 which I think of like UGH FFS ONLY 18 NEW but really I should step back and consider the fact OVER FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY follow me. Ugh life. 

Google Analytics; 

I hinted to it above but basically my stats went back to normal by the middle of the month. I got around 800+ pageviews a day for the first fortnight and then whizzed back to 1000+ a day for the last fortnight which is much more normal. In fact most days it was around 1300/1400 which tipped me achingly close to an average of 1K a day which is what I generally get. 

I had 29,412 pageviews from 16K visitors which sees me just over 378,000 pageviews of all time. I kinda don't care about that one or check it on very much but will be pleased when I get to 500K. That seems like a nice round amount. 

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