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Social Media Stats: November 2016

Social Media Stats: November 2016

November 2016 Social Media Stats. 

November 2016 Social Media Stats. 

So appaz last month was the first time I stopped doing 3 fav Instagram posts of the month and started just showing you my posts. I genuinely thought I'd been doing that about 6 months. Life ay?

Last month I mentioned that in October I scheduled tweets, my following grew, I blogged loads and I took part in more Twitter chats than I had since summer yet my stats fell.....

This month I scheduled hardly anything, didn't blog for 7 days, did ONE Twitter chat and yet my stats grew and I had some of the best blog days I've had in months..... I don't even know how this works anymore. Or where I go from here. 


I mean I was basically non existent wasn't I? I did my #FF's, I did my advertisers promos, I replied to people when they tweeted me but scheduling? Basically didn't happen. After the first 5 days of November I hadn't scheduled a thing yet my blog stats were better than they had been all of October so I decided to run a little experiment and not bother scheduling until my stats dropped. It lasted a lot longer than I thought and when they did dip a little, I scheduled a few days and then it picked up again and I stopped scheduling again. 

In the end I don't actually know if my Twitter correlates as much as I once thought I did. My blog stats stayed the same and I think that's actually because the biggest referral to my site is Pinterest. What did happen when I didn't schedule was my Twitter stats went down and my engagement on my blog/sharing of my posts went down which proves my theory that Twitter is the most social of my social medias. 

I did one chat that I can't even remember at the beginning of November and I didn't make a single one. It's the one thing that goes when I get too busy, most of the chats I take part in are so full on they require a lot of attention and mean I can't do anything else but my Twitter always suffers. I didn't even tweet 500 times the whole month, which considering last month was 1200+ is a serious gap and that's all down to scheduling and lack of chats. Unsurprisingly I had 70K less impressions and about 1000 less profile visits. I had exactly 400 less mentions which is down the lack of chats but I actually had about the same number of new followers which saw me topple 2.6K. This month I aim to be better but who on earth knows. 


There's very little to report on Pinterest, I mentioned last month that I lost 600 followers overnight which was either down to a glitch or to the deleting of a board but I went back up to 1.7K so it's heading in the right direction but still less than ideal. I do however love the new little tab along the top of your profile which showcases your best boards, it looks super sleek and sassy and I am a fan. I'm STILL revamping and moving all my pins, one day I'll finish it I'm sure. 


I had 290 followers when I ended October and now I have 326 so I'm getting there slowly but surely but omfg it's torture. I envy those who have 2948357384576 followers and I commend you all, you've obviously got something working that I haven't figured out yet!

Google Analytics; 

So at the beginning of the month I hit 150K all time views and I mentioned that normally I get around 1000 views a day but in October I was only getting around 850 (again, I appreciate that ain't half bad). 

So without all the scheduling and without all the tweeting and sharing etc etc etc, I had some of my best every days this month. I continued to hit over 1000 views a day, I had around 1400 per day for the first week and just before the month ended I had nearly 2K. I don't even know what attributed to it although Hannah's guest post for me back in July had a moment again getting over 2000 views over the month. Bae. 

In the end my month looked like this; 

32,783 pageviews from 18265 users and that means I got over 176K all time pageviews which means I *should* hit over 200K all time views for the year by January wahoooooo. 

That's another month done and dusted and omfg how fast are we careering toward the end of the year? In the most bizarre 11 months lets hope the last one is a bit less mad and a bit more lovely and warm and cosy and glittery. 
















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