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7 Things I Read Online This Month - August 2016.

7 Things I Read Online This Month - August 2016.

7 of my favourite blog posts this month. 

7 of my favourite blog posts this month. 

Let's just gloss over the fact it's September this week shall we? This year is running away with me and freaking me out a bit and as much as I love Autumn I'm not sure I'm ready for darker nights and the cold so I'm combatting it by spending the next few days at the beach clinging on to the last bit of summer. 

As ever, there's been a tonne of blogs I'd loved this month and I always find it hard to pick 7 out of the 300 I follow on Bloglovin but these are most definitely some of my favourites. 

1. Eight Types Of People On Social Media. 

I feel like such a fangirl because I included Caitlin from Through The Mirror in last month's review but this post was just too good not to include. Totally my sense of humour, pretty dry and sarcastic and VERY tongue in cheek this post is a list of 8 people you will absolutely find on social media and as soon as you read each one, a particular name or Twitter handle will definitely come to mind. It's SO true and SO funny and anyone who's received an unwanted automatic DM starting with 'thanks for following me.....' will for sure appreciate it. I giggled all the way through and then spent the rest of the time lusting over her photos and blog layout. #goals. 

8 Types Of People On Social Media - Through The Mirror. 

2. Scrapbooking 101. 

So technically my old pal Hailey wrote this at the very end of July but I read it in August so that counts right? Right? I am a big fan of keeping scrapbooks and journals and holiday diaries and photo albums and keeping all kinds of souvenirs and Hailey takes that to the next level. As well as your standard photos and tickets stubs and postcards, Hailey also has ALL the themed stickers than make me so jealous and about a billion penny presses which makes me wish I had done more of them over my life. Appaz Hailey's scrapbooks (yes multiple) took days to complete, she might not even be done for all I know and I only wish she lived closer so I could go have a nosey through and listen to all her stories about her trips. 

Scrapbooking 101 - Hailey Jade Ryan.com

3. Ten Things Every Girl Knows About Shopping In Primark. 

I mean, there has never been a list more me in all my life. Firstly, I have a veryyyy similar post to Alice's drafted in my September schedule so I found this one pretty flippin funny to read after I'd written mine. Secondly, so god damn true! We've all been to Primark, we all know the highs and the lows, we all know that no matter how much we hate the shopping experience, we'll still go because ALL THE BARGAINS. Although there is a bit in there about taking your boyfriend in with you and I feel like that's only a one time situation because gurllll, we'd never make that mistake twice. Unless he's paying. Honestly, this list made me laugh so much, especially point number one. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE. 

10 Things Every Girl Knows About Shopping In Primark - Dainty Alice. 

4. Bloggers - Online vs Real Life. 

I have no doubts Vix will not be a stranger to most of the blogging world and I'm sure you're all obsessing over her Vegas snaps as much as I am at the moment but really, I could have included her entire blog for this round up alone. From snogging to Youtube to vaginas to Bloggers Blog Awards, her posts as always have been on fleek this month but this one won for me. The more and more involved I get in the blogging community I am becoming more and more aware of 'levels' of bloggers and vloggers and a gang you kinda fit in with. There are very few bigger bloggers in my opinion that jump ship and speak to smaller bloggers as if they were besties (Vix, Dorkface and SkinnedCartree are some that do) and I think everyone can read Vix's post and resonate in some way. Idk, you just get that vibe that some bloggers and YouTube personalities really do act like that and ugh, no time for that. It's a cracking post anyway, go read. Oh and happy birthday for next week boo!

Bloggers - Online vs Real Life. 

5. The Slut Myth. 

Can I just get a HELLL YASSSSS? This post is so spot on I can't even tell you. I don't really want to say too much about this post which lol is the whole point but I just don't think I can do it justice on how good and Beyonce queen of the world it makes you feel. A lot of it is centred around the ideals girls are taught to aspire to, to dress a certain way to make yourself available and attractive to men and then as soon as you do you're branded a whore. A skank. A slut. It's SO true. Girls latch on pretty quickly, especially when you go to comprehensive school that you're expected to act and look a certain way so boys don't think your frigid,...only to be whispered about the day after the party for how short your skirt was. I think the whole culture of it is getting worse if anything, we need a massive overhaul in the way we think and what we teach our young people and Naomi's post gave me life.  

The Slut Myth - Teatime With Naomi. 

6. Isle Of Man Photo Diary. 

The Isle of Man has never reeeeally been on my radar as somewhere I desperately wanted to go and explore, that is of course until Nicole uploaded her photo diary and now I'm like GET ME THERE IMMEDIATELY. Ok so yes she did publish this in July but I read it August 1st so yolo and it's SO beautiful I had to include it. From the views to the culture and the history and the little windy roads and the stone buildings, the Isle of Man is firmly on my lust list and I'm legit checking how much a weekend there costs after I finish typing this. Combine how nice it looks with Nicole's incred photography and the fact she is the cutest little human ever.....winner and I'm glad that she managed to find some gorgeous positives to her trip which was obviously a big deal to her. Insert all the kissy face emojis here. 

Isle Of Man Photo Diary - Thrifty Vintage Fashion.

7. What Is Hygge (& 12 Ways To Hygge).

So I was getting to number 7 of this post and I didn't have anything jotted down so I whacked open the Bloglovin app to see what else I saved this month and there was little old HannahEmilyLane there with a new post and it immediately made the list. Hygge has been floating around as a term for a few weeks now and it's basically a concept of cosy living but with all the blankets and fairy lights and mindfullness and it's just gorgeous. Like I find myself in a state of Hygge pretty frequently because I have always loved that appreciating the little things and recognising when they're happening thing, idk, it's part of the creative in me. Anyway Hannah's post gives you 12 ways to make your life more Hygge-ish and if it doesn't get you in the mood for Autumn I don't know what will. Oh and FYI if you type 'H' into my Google Chrome bar it now links immediately to HannahEmilyLane not HannahGale anymore which, bearing in mind I read Hannah Gale every day she posts, shows you how much I link to Hannah Lane's site. Ultimate girl crush appaz. 

What Is Hygge (& 12 Ways To Hygge) - Hannah Emily Lane. 

There's obviously also been a butt load of reviews and posts about #BloggerPitP this month which I have adored but there were too many to condense the list to 7 but I have retweeted all of them on the #BloggerPitP hashtag so definitely go have a read of them too! 




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