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1 year in work | 1 year out of self employment

As of today I have been working for 395 days and it has gone by faster than you can say ‘regular money’. I think it says everything you need to know about how I’ve found working full time with the fact that I wanted to write this post for my 1 year of work anniversary on July 24th and yet here we are, nearly a month later.

How Can I Curb My Crap Life Routine?

My life/sleep routine is an absolute mess. 

This weekend I was away in Dorset and I slept till 10am because I was just so physically and emotionally exhausted and being away from home gave me the opportunity to get it all out. 

I am constantly tired, it's just some days are more tired than others and I have tried to curb it so many times - to no avail. So I've done what I know best; I've come to the blog to explain my lifestyle to you in the hope some of you have some cracking ideas to get me on track again. 

Here's hoping. 

Girl Things I'm Not Any Good At.

Girls are super heroes - I have come to this conclusion over the years of both being a girl (shocker) and watching other girls. The things we can do, the things we can multi task, the things we go through and the things we put up with.....but we can't do everything. 

Here's a list of things other girls can do that I've never been able to master;

Things I've Grown Out Of.

I'll be 25 in October. My mid twenties. I will have left the 18-24 bracket for voting. I've grown up a lot (and haven't really grown up a lot at all). There's a lot in my 25 years that's stuck with me, like my nut allergy and my ability to sing Smack That by Akon, but some things I've definitely grown out of - and I don't just mean my babygros. 

Are We Always Looking For The Next Fresh Start?

I am always looking for a 'start date'. I might track goals and have aims but motivation is my main struggle. My bullet journal habit tracker works for me (for most things) because it focuses me to have a tick box, I feel like a failure if I don't tick it every day. I am always pushing my 'start date', looking for the next new week, the next month, the start of summer, New Years, my birthday.... I don't need much of an excuse to create a start date to motivate myself. 

***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printables.

Can I emphasise enough that they're free?

Last weekend I wrote about my first week using my bullet journal, a pink bargain from TK Maxx (read the original post here) and being the photo heavy post that is was, the one thing that commented on more than anything was how pretty it was. 

So FYI if you are new to the blog I am trained and qualified and practising as an illustrator so design and illustration and doodling and making things look pretty is literally my business - it is how I make my money. After having 217489237592375 people tweet me like "ugh I wish mine could look like this' or saying they were pinning images to copy later I soon realised that actually if you haven't naturally got an artistic flair but want your BuJo to look a certain way, drawing like this or handwriting nice fonts and banners is actually quite difficult. 

Thus the idea came into my head for this post and subsequently turned into me having a massive surge of inspiration and designing all kinds of new projects for my Etsy shop which are all at the printers.