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Girl Things I'm Not Any Good At.

Girl Things I'm Not Any Good At.


Girls are super heroes - I have come to this conclusion over the years of both being a girl (shocker) and watching other girls. The things we can do, the things we can multi task, the things we go through and the things we put up with.....but we can't do everything. 

Here's a list of things other girls can do that I've never been able to master;

1. Apply makeup in a moving vehicle. 

I have seen women apply a full face of makeup on the way to work on a packed commuter train and not stab themselves in the eye with the mascara wand before. I am not one of those girls. I can barely make my hair look good in the car let alone get my slap on. If it ain't done by the time I leave the house it ain't getting done. 

2. Apply makeup through a hand mirror. 

You have Hannah Gale to thank for the inspiration for this post since I started watching her vlogs regularly again and watched her apply a full face using a hand mirror. I know friends who do this, I see people do this all the time - I have never mastered anything further than the full length mirror in my bedroom and I doubt I ever will. 

3. Back comb my hair. 

My hair is the type of hair that a hair dresser looks at and says "Gosh I've never worked with such thin hair" (true story). It's so fine and I've never been able to do anything to change it. Backcombing attempts have always resulted in lots of knots and something resembling a birds nest - more witch than sexy volume. 

4. Shave. 

I mean sure I do actually know how to shave my legs and yes I actually can do it but I will 9 times out of 10 ALWAYS miss a lil patch that I have to go back and rectify the following day and who on earth wants to shave twice amiright? 

5. Shape my eyebrows. 

Let's be real here, I have only just started filling in my eyebrows with pencil in the last year let's not get ahead of ourselves. Filling them in to give them more of a summin summin (Primark's lightest brow pencil if you were wondering) but shaping, plucking and doing anything more than a bit of colouring is years off in my books. 

6. Dye my own hair. 

I just don't. I've never dyed my hair completely but I've dip dyed bright pink a few times and I always get my Mum's friend in to do it for me. It's for the best if I don't want to ruin my mother's house with some hideous blood bath esque scene. 

7. Fake tan. 

And I don't even mean slapping a load of tan on. Oh no, my complexion is so pale I know I have to go straight in with the tinted moisturiser because the fake bake stuff makes me look like Katie Price and I can't even get that right. You can guarantee I'll always end up with deathly white legs and orange knees and ankles no matter how many times I try. 

8. Take my makeup off. 

Sure I take my makeup off. No it's not necessarily every night. No it's not a nighttime routine, there's no moisturiser or cleanser involved, it's very much a quick makeup wipe and go. Yes I am the worst. 

9. Walk in heels. 

I own one single pair of actual factual high heels with a stiletto spike that could kill a man and they are the only pair I have ever been able to totter in. I bought them when I was 17 and have never dared get rid of them because lord knows I'll never replace them. Give me a chunky heeled boot or a wedge any day. 

10. Put my bra on. 

I feel like there are two types of women in the world; those who do their bra up round their back and those who do it up at the front and twizzle. I am a twizzler for life. I have never managed to do a bra up round my back and I doubt I ever will. That co ordination is witchcraft I am telling you. 

What things can all girls do that you can't? Make me feel better in the comments!

















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