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My Month In Photos - October 2016.

My Month In Photos - October 2016.

My month in photos - October 2016. 

My month in photos - October 2016. 

Ok I feel like I can finally out and out be like CHRISTMASSSSSSSS. Nobody judge, it's basically November ok? I feel like now is an appropriate time to start thinking about Christmas presents and getting organised, I'm not one for leaving it up until the last minute and I like to make the excitement last a good 6 weeks. Preferably longer let's not lie. 

With that in mind the photos I've selected for this post are not the most Autumnal you've ever seen, in fact my Instagram grid is looking at least a bit more burnt orange but hey, looks like we had a good October right? 

What I Did; 

It was ma birthdayyyyy -insert all celebration emojis here- That took up a good few days of October celebrating with various members of the family even if my phone did break (you can read about all that here and here).  I spent the beginning of the month I went to Wrexham to see my pals and celebrate my birthday early and go to the zoo which seems like months and months ago now! You can read about it here but it definitely encompasses the most photos of my month, in fact I've still not finished scheduling them for Instagram yet! I spent the past week with my niece going places and pretending like we had a half term even though she's not even 1 and a half and I'm freelance. I've spent a lot of this month working in all honesty and if I haven't been busy with my niece or family, you could find me in my room with a blanket cos damnnnn that office is cold. I also had a good sort out and deep clean of mine and my boyfriend's rooms last weekend and did some selling for the cider bizz in the middle of the month too. 

What I Watched;

Be still my beating heart GBBO is over as we know it (except for the Christmas specials but whatevs). Paul has sold out and the final is does and it was 100% the best thing I watched this month and I did a little cry. Also the Apprentice started when I was in Wrexham which is uhhhmazing as always - I don't even know who I want to win they're all so mad. I kinda gave up on the X Factor which isn't the saddest point in my month but Googlebox, Last Leg, 8/10 Cats, WILTY and HIGNFY have all been hilarious as always. I mentioned in last week's Friday Favs that I've started watching season 6 of The Walking Dead and it's sparked a run of creeping programmes so I've also watched The Missing and The Fall both of which omfg SO good. I don't think I've watched any films this month but I have watched some good documentaries, probably the best and most skin crawling of which is the Louis Theroux one on Saville. 

What I Worked On; 

I feel like every month I write this bit and I'm like LOL SO I DID THIS BUT I CAN'T TELL YOU ABOUT IT. I finished some portraits in the first week of the month and have had a little run of Etsy sales (50% off till tomorrow FYI). I'm doing a soft launch of my Christmas products next week which essentially means seeing how people like my products and what sells well and then a proper launch with more stock will be coming in the next few weeks. All I'll say for now is I've catered for bloggers as well as Christmas and there's more pencils and mugs and gift sets as ever. Other than that I secured a design job that I actually don't know if I can talk about but the deadline was this morning so maybs I'll get some confirmation on whether or not I can share with ya'll. Except my blog bae whatsapp group cos those beauts were super encouraging when I messaged them on Wednesday stressing. Cuties. 

What I Chatted About; 

Oh lord my poor little Twitter. Only the past week has it picked up I have been so rubbish at chats. Essentially I just am too busy to sit down and take part in a chat when I know it's going to be hectic and require my full concentration and my poor baby stats have been affected. That being said Late Night Bloggers has been a lot of fun chatting about fancy dress (the costume not the posh type) and last week's was what would we do in different scary Halloween situations. I also managed two BeeChats which have both been super positive and happy and lovely and I got lbloggers and BlogosphereChat done last night too which were fab. 

What I Blogged;

Nothing radical happened on the old blog this month, I didn't set out to do Blogtober, I didn't blog every day and that was perfectly ok. I mean I only didn't blog 2 days so ya know, I think I can be forgiven. What did happen though was I set out a specific set of stats goals for the month just because I was close to a milestone and uhhh, I don't think I'm going to hit it. And ya know what it was? Scheduling. I just got too manic to schedule tweets and it really took a hit on the old blog, I'll talk about it more in my social media round up next week but there we go. I did however post this little one about how I'm not overly keen on all of my content and since stopped scheduling posts in advance and wrote the last ever weekly Friday Favourites and 7 Fav Blogs. People seemed to really relate to it too and I had a lot of lovely comments but the best blog post in terms of exposure and response was 103 Thoughts In Primark which every gal and her dog seemed to relate to. Basic bitches that we are. Don't forget to check out my interview with The Study Room and then read the head honcho Lucinda's guest post on my blog while you're at it!

What I Bought;

I've been hideously boring (insert sensible) here and saved my money this month for Christmas because this time of the year ain't cheap nuh uh. I did save up for Wrexham though which cost a small fortune because HOW BLOODY EXPENSIVE is petrol??? Like actually Noelle (my car FYI) to run and an MOT in 20 days. Yay me. In Wrexham I did a mini haul in Primark on jumpers and winter woolies but I aside from that I haven't spent much at all because it was the old birthday and I had lots of lovely new things to put my shopping craving to bed. I am however so in love with one of my Primark jumpers I'm intending to go get another one in a different colour and maybe snatch up a pair of them leopard print boots that have being doing the rounds for Christmas. Praying to the Primark gods they're in my local store in my size. 

And that's another month over, have a very happy safe Halloween tonight and make it as scary or as unscary as you want kids. 
















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