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11 Things To Do On Christmas Day.

11 Things To Do On Christmas Day.


The big day is creeping ever closer and I've talked a lot about tradition over the past fortnight since I've been working on my 12 days series. There are some things we all do on Christmas Day and some things I think are maybe a bit more, niche shall we say, to each family. 

Think of it as a bucket list of sorts, a checklist of things to tick off with your loved ones on the 25th. And for bonus points get a whole lot ticked off my winter photo challenge while you're at it too......

1. Check if Santa's been.

Whether you're 19 or 29 it just has to be done doesn't it? Ok so sure maybe the excitement isn't there so much if you put the presents there 2 months ago but if you're back with Mum and Dad this year it's the only right way to start the day.  

2. Have something ridiculous for breakfast.

Chocolate, champagne, turkey sandwiches......anything goes when it's breakfast on Christmas Day. The only day of the year in my opinion when it's not only acceptable to eat or drink something totally prohibited the other 364 days but also the only day it's not frowned upon to have 3 breakfasts. Well if you got up that early may as well amiright? 

3. Stay in your pjs. 

All day, till lunch time, till 4pm - whatever tickles your fancy. Gone are the naggings of your Mum to get dressed like any other day, December 25th is the type of day where she's making the gravy in her dressing gown. All the more satisfying if you've had a new fluffy Christmas Eve pj set.  

4. Or don your Sunday best. 

And on the flip side? One of the very few times a year where your whole family is likely to be found simply lounging around on the sofa but in full fine attire including Christmas jumpers and all the sequins. And maybe a pair of slippers cos #comfort. 

5. Break a present. 

Only my family that seems to trash something on Christmas Day approx 35 seconds after opening it? There was the 2 penny machine my brother broke, the musical stressball that never worked, the snowglobe I opened when I was 7. All lost to the bin on Christmas morning. 

6. Eat too much at dinner. 

You start with one helping. You move onto seconds. You have another glass of bubbly. You have trifle. You couldn't possibly manage anything else and then Nan brings out the gateau. Don't forget as well this isn't your normal roast, ohhhh no, this time we're talking all the pigs in blankets and extra veg and ten different types of potato. My mouth is watering already. 

7. Watch Christmas tv. 

Our Christmas tv tradition revolves around Christmas Top of the Pops after dinner whilst waiting for relatives to come round but maybe yours is the Queen's speech or the Doctor Who special. Maybe you watch a particular film in the evening when everyone else has nodded off or one of those comedy repeats that are shown every year but chances are, you'll still laugh like a loon as if it's the first time you watched it. 

8. Play board games.

Do you dare play a game of Monopoly that might mean you still won't be speaking from the fallout next Christmas? A quick game of cards that descends into chaos because your Dad's had one too many beers? Or maybe just an old fashioned family quiz which is what we'll be doing this year. Here's hoping you win!

9. Ask the same old questions. 

Ever get the feeling you're getting deja vu on Christmas Day? The hugs around the recently arrived relatives "How are you?" "Lovely to see you" "How was your journey?". The phone calls to those who don't live as close "What have you had?" "Have you had a good day?" "How was your dinner?". One year maybe just change it up and sit in stony silence. The Christmas Grinch. 

10. Raid the Quality Street. Again. 

Or the Roses or the Heroes I'm not fussy. You raided it this morning before breakfast, you raided it this afternoon after dinner, you've been slowly working your way through it every day this week and you still can't remember what colour is what. 

11. Go to bed early. 

I mean sure yes you had grand intentions of staying up late to make the most of the day but come 9 o clock and all the extra weight you're carrying from dinner is really dragging you down and that last glass of wine has really knocked you for 6 and maybe it's best you just have a quick 5 minute power nap......

Here's hoping you tick at least half off this year ain't it? 

















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