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Friday Favourites 30th September 2016

Friday Favourites 30th September 2016


So. In a few posts this week and on social media I mentioned that last weekend had been hectic, I'd not been able to blog much and I certainly hadn't been able to pay much attention to my social media schedule. And I promised I'd give a long ass tale as to why but honestly? I've come to write it and I simply don't have the energy to recall it all and explain. 

Let's break it down to;

  • One broken car. 
  • One car stuck in a garage. 
  • One car with the keys locked inside. 
  • Two hours in an escape rooms. 
  • One car with hardly any petrol. 
  • One missed day of work.
  • Two 5.30am starts.
  • Lots of late nights. 
  • One lost blog post. 
  • A rescue mission to airport arrivals. 
  • A car too small for suitcases. 
  • One new car. 

FYI mine was not the car that was broken but it was my boyfriends and we've spent a fortnight off agg whilst it's been down and my little car has been the work horse. It doesn't even sound that stressful but sweet baby jesus I feel like I haven't slept in about a year. 

Anyway bearing in mind how late this post is coming to you I think you can see what kind of start to the weekend I've had again today. But we soldier on. 

1. Escape Reality Cardiff. 

I can't even tell you how much I loved last Friday night. In a weekend of chaos this was SUCH a good way to spend an evening. I can't even tell you about it yet but there's a post coming to you on Sunday but guys guys, I loved it. 

2. Hygge. 

So it'll come as no surprise to you that Hygge is my new favourite thing and if you read this collab with Talking Tables last weekend you'll know it's my mission to keep integrating it into my life. Last Sunday we watched the second Harry Potter film with this beaut of a fry up for brunch (yes we added chips) before we had to do a mad dash to collect Joss' parents from the airport. I don't think I even need to tell you why this meal was a favourite of the week but the bacon was super salty and oh boyyyy I didn't need to eat anything for the rest of the day. 

3. Hometown Glory. 

My niece is back in her second home in Cardiff (such a privileged baby) and me and my Mum are back to early mornings in town to pick her up for babysitting and on Wednesday we went for a stroll around the shops. She slept the entire way around and we shopped happily which worked out perfect and I had the chance to stop and take a moment to look up and look at the beauty that Cardiff has. I think it's easy to forget what beauty you have around you when you've lived somewhere so long and I was surprised how much stunning architecture I hadn't noticed in Cardiff city centre so naturally my Insta grid is full of it. Never one to miss an opportunity me. On a side note we happened to be on Queen Street in Cardiff when it was shut down after two Matalan workers were murdered, before it was even clear what had happened and the mood of the whole city was scared and sad. The whole place just seemed sad, I can't even think of a better word for it but they don't lie, when it happens somewhere you live, that you go, that you shop at, it becomes so much more tragic and I can't imagine the pain of the families involved. 

4. Autumn Has Arrived.

The weird heatwave we've been having appears to have left us and the grey skies and the rain has set it and the temperatures are dropping on the daily. Today I dug out the thigh high boots for the first time and on Tuesday I went on a wander with the pooch in the drizzle and actually enjoyed it. Yes, I enjoyed a walk in the rain. My mum's been out and about in the hedgerows nabbing all the blackberries so before she makes it into a tart or something I don't like I've been stuffing my face. No regrets. 

5. Wrexham. 

YASSSSS. Next week I am hopping in the car for a mere 4+ hour drive to my university town in North Wales for 3 days of fun, zoos, birthdays, hilarity and generally reliving our student days. It's my birthday on the 17th and we're going back to uni for a catch up and an early birthday celebration for me and we're going to Chester zoo (which we definitely haven't already been 38937573865 times). I always describe going to Wrexham like a weight lifting off my shoulders, I drive over the bridge a million miles up* from the river below and it's like my whole life in South Wales floats away. No stress, just a good time in a town I used to live in with friends I used to see every day. I legit cannot wait. 

*cannot confirm the bridge is a million miles up. 


So next week on Friday I don't know what my blog situation will be....I have a feeling I might just do a mini Friday Favs from Saturday-Tuesday and then a slightly bigger but not quite bumper one the following week. Who knows, I'm crazy and reckless like that ya feel me. 

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