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My Month In Photos - September 2016

My Month In Photos - September 2016

Nobody panic that September is basically over and we're talking about October on the weekend..... (although Christmas omg) My photos from this month look freakishly summery and not at all like Autumn has set in so it's safe to say the Indian Summer lasted a bit longer than anticipated....

Let's get on with it. 

What I Did; 

I literally need to scout my Instagram and bullet journal every month to work this one out, I apparently can't remember a single thing I've done when required. Cute. Apart from all the boring day to day things I've done, I went to Dyffryn Gardens again (my National Trust membership is getting it's full usage) and I saw ALL the giant cacti. I went for many a walk on many a beach with my niece and with other members of my family. I went on A LOT of walks around the countryside with my niece too (my Instagram is full of scenic views and hedgerows) and I walked a dog for a neighbour as a favour a few times so me and him went for the odd yomp across the fields too. I spent two hectic weekends working with Vale Cider and last weekend which I still don't have the time to tell you about but I did embrace Hygge so there's that. I've kept up running kindaaaa but I've eaten a lot of bad food so yolo. It's been a busy sorta crazy sorta month. Oh and I did an escape room on Friday which I have a post on coming up so no spoilers just yet!

What I Watched;

Following on from the Olympics naturally I watched a lot of the Paralympics too, although admittedly through the Last Leg most of the time cos damnnnn that Rio time difference be cray. I literally cried so much watching it, watching Jonny Peacock win, watching Johnny Vegas cry...it was too much. One Of Us on the Beeb was incred (read more about that here) and National Treasure on Channel 4 at the moment is horrifying and not a comfortable watch but an amazing piece of TV. Also Googlebox started last week which is obviously amazing already (HOW GOOD WERE THE BRISTOLIAN NANS) and naturally my heart is complete and breaking over GBBO every week as we get closer to the end. FYI if you're looking for new TV to watch the Apprentice is back next week which I cannot wait for. I watched some Hazza P in my Hygge afternoon and I also watched Non Stop with Liam Neeson which was actually not all that bad. Oh and if you want something a little more real and a little more heartbreaking I watched The Falling Man documentary on the anniversary of 9:11 which you can still get on All 4. 

What I Worked On;

CHRISTMASSSSSSS. Basically I have been working on all the christmas goodies and oh my oh my I am feeling festive. I can't talk about any of them because the deadlines aren't up or they're surprises but I've been commissioned for a few personalised portraits and Christmas card packs which are always a delight to work on. If you want your own personalised print, portrait, card pack, whatever you want please don't hesitate to get in touch even if you haven't got a fully formed idea. They do make good Christmas gifts even if I do say so myself. Smug face. 

What I Chatted About;

I actually tried to take part in chats this month praise the bloody lord. So my days are pretty all over the place and Mondays are basically out which makes me so sad because it's a grand day for chats but I've taken part in Late Night Bloggers 3 whole weeks in a row and got all Autumnal with them. I really like Sundays as well because there's so many chats going on but like I mentioned, I've had a mad couple of weekends so I have probably only joined in like once, maybe twice at a push. I did take part in the cbloggers birthday chat though which was soooo cute - happy 2nd birthday Creative Bloggers!

What I Blogged;

I haven't blogged every day this month and ya know what, the world didn't fall apart. I have a blog planner and I try and plan out what's going up every month in advance which I generally stick to. Luckily I don't publicise it so I don't feel too much pressure to post whatever is scheduled for that day and missing 3 days out of a month isn't all that shabby. Ya feel me. However I have done a few things I'm a bit proud of including my university mini series, How To Plan A Bloggers Event and the one that went down the bestest - Relatable vs Aspirational Blogging which was shared a lovely lot. I also got a lot of love yesterday for my Hygge post which if you haven't seen it can be found over here and whilst you're on the blog make sure you check out my guest post by Sarah Miles all about bigging us up. 

What I Bought;

I have actually been freakishly good with my dollah this month. I do a cleaning job once a week and get the money in cash so I've been stashing it away to save for Christmas. I am such a responsible adult me. I am going to Wrexham next week for three days to relive my university days so I've mainly forked out for that booking hotels and putting some money aside for boring things like petrol to ya know, get me there and back. Also we're going to Chester zoo as an early birthday celebration for me omg. I did buy the latest issue of the Blogosphere magazine though because I had a tweet published in there cos lol famous but mainly my need to have new shiny things came with my collaboration with Talking Tables which you can snap up here. Go on, teat yo self. 

Another month basically done, tune in tomorrow for what will hopefully be my 7 fav blogs of the month but it's not scheduled (or at all written) yet so who knows what kind of madness will occur!






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