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84 Things We All Think In Autumn

84 Things We All Think In Autumn

Autumn - the favourite season of all basic twenty somethings....including myself. 

If you aren't taking photos of your feet in leaves or with your first seasonal Starbucks cup of the year or furiously googling tartan blankets are you even really enjoying autumn? 

Here's a few things we're all thinking this time of year....

Omg I wish everyone would stop tweeting about autumn it's barely September. 


Maybe I should do an autumn tweet? 

I'll do that one with the pumpkin dancing everyone loves that. 

Oh sweet jesus everyone's used that GIF. 

God I'm not ready for summer to end. 

Fuck all your changing of leaves and cosy nights, I'm still all about BBQs and sunglasses. 

Oh but tartan. 

And hot chocolate. 

And pumpkins. 


God I wish it'd get colder it doesn't even feel like autumn yet. 

When is appropriate to wear wooly jumpers?

Ooh it's grey out, maybe today is the day!

Fuckin elllll it's too hot for this. 

What even is transitional dressing?

Do I even have anything transitional?

Maybe I'll watch some Youtube hauls.

So basically I need a whole new wardrobe no? 

God I'm broke. 

So when are the leaves going to change so I can get some photos? 

How early can I bring out Halloween decorations? 

Pumpkins for 70p???? YASS QUEEN. 

I mean these absolutely won't last till Halloween will they? 

-Googles how long pumpkins last-

Nah no chance. 

So honestly when is appropriate for Halloween decs? 

I wonder if I can get anyone to come take some autumnal snaps for me? 

Maybe throwing piles of leaves? 

Maybe with some acorns in hand? 


I mean not that I like the taste. But autumn innit? 

I mean does anyone like the taste?

I bet not. 

Can I just get a standard tea in a seasonal cup and pretend it's PSL? 

I obviously need a selfie with it. 

But at that perfect angle, with a lil bit of outfit but no face. 

It's gone cold.

But that selfie is banging. 

Might even upload to Insta now. 

I might even go viral with this one. 


I bet I've been shadowbanned. 

Fuck the algorithm.

Might tweet about how much I hate insta. 

Oh christ I haven't even thought about my Halloween costume?!

Do I go scary or slutty? 

I don't want to end up like that scene in Mean Girls. 

Best send a message round the Whatsapp group. 

There's nothing like autumnal food. 

Forget your salads and chips I'm alllll about yorkshire puds and gravy. 

Lots of gravy. 

Mmmmm gravy. 

I wish I could cook. 

Everyone and their dog is posting photos of red leaves and trees and toadstools and coffees. 

I might post a pic of red leaves. 

Or a coffee. 

This year I am determined to make a line skirts and wooly tights and boots work for me. 

Lol who am I kidding it's back to jeans and all black errthang. 

Can I pull off my knee high boots yet? 

But do I look like a stripper? 


I'm digging it. 

About time for an extra blanket on the bed I think? 

Can you even decorate your home for autumn? 

Well that's £100 well spent on acorn and hedgehog themed everything. 

House looks cute though. 

Better start thinking about what I'm going to carve my pumpkin into this year. 

Do I go cute or spooky? 

Or topical?

Can I even make Donald Trump out of a pumpkin? 

Is there a pumpkin patch local?


Are pumpkin patches even that fun?

Like do American's make it look more fun than it is? 

Best get to one before the rest of the blogging world though. 

Better get some sweets in for trick or treaters. 

I mean, not that any trick or treaters come here. 

All the more for me then. 

It's definitely wooly jumper season. 

It's sooooo much nicer when there's a chill in the air isn't it?

Good god it's cold. 

I hate winter. 

Bring back summer. 














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