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Reasons Why October Is My Fav.

Reasons Why October Is My Fav.

We're quickly speeding toward the middle of October already, the year is flying by and my favourite month is here (and going all too quick). Come May and I'll be gushing about lighter nights and driving with the windows down and not having to take a coat out with you but then this time of year comes around again and I remember this is when I really come alive. Sophie Cliff wrote a really great post about what Autumn means to her as her fav time of year and how she feels awakened and I really couldn't relate more. 

Here's why October is my ultimate fav and why I'm v pleased it's here; 

1. Birthday month. 

This is obviously the reason it's been my favourite month for the 24 years I've been on this planet. This year however my birthday is in 2 days I feel zero excitement for it, I basically keep forgetting it's happening but whilst I might not be that excited for presents or the day itself there's something about a birthday isn't there? Maybe as I get older it's the smaller things that matter more? The people who bother to send a text not just write on my Facebook wall because a notification told them what day it was. The friends who take the time to send a card with a thought out message or a personal joke inside. Birthdays also mean an end and a start of something - mid year you need any excuse don't you? The end to one crap year, the start of something better, I'm hoping my 25th year on this planet will be a cracker. 

2. Autumn dressing. 

I mean for sure I love a good sandal as much as the next gal and I like it when it's hot enough not to worry about taking a jacket for the potential chill but Autumn dressing is where it's at for me. Denim skirts, cable knit tights, wooly jumpers, bobble hats, teddy coats, ankle boots.....it's basically what I live in all year round, it's just now the weather has caught up with me. 

3. Crisp air. 

I'll admit the cold and the ice isn't my favourite thing in the world but the bit between August sweltering in the garden with an ice lolly (well maybe not this year) and December scraping snow off the windscreen of the car is the one. Those mornings we've been having this week where you can feel that crisp chill in the air. When you think wearing mittens to drive might be upon us soon. When a warm shower or a blanket or a log fire are better than life itself. All about that life. 

4. Colours. 

Mustard jumpers. Burgundy jumpers. Pine green jumpers. Red jumpers. Burnt orange jumpers. See also, scarves, cord skirts and nails. Combine that with pumpkins and orange everywhere, the array of tones on the trees and the floor, fairy lights everywhere, burnt everything.....it's just SO me. As much as I admire it all white, baby pink, bright colours, rainbow and the summer tones just aren't my thang, they don't work in my house and they don't work on my clothes - this is my time people. 

5. Staying in. 

There's something about this time of year that means it's more acceptable to stay in on the sofa with a blanket and someone you love and a bar of chocolate isn't there? Summer is all about evenings in pub gardens and BBQs and adventures but October is starting to feel like cosy nights in with your family and friends, preferably with something in the oven smothered in melted cheese and something mulled to drink in a big mug. I am a proper homebird and it feels nice not to have to make an excuse to stay home and stay warm - because that's what we're all doing. 

6. Going out. 

And onto the biggest contradiction - going out in October. Wrapping up in all the woolies, going to pubs with roaring log fires, meeting friends for a warm cuppa, shopping for decorations and presents and pumpkins. This time of year is one of my favs for spending time with people who mean something to me and I always try to travel somewhere for a weekend away or to Christmas markets or to see friends because hotels are often cheaper this side of the season too. 

7. Inspiration. 

I feel SO alive in October and in Autumn in general. My inspiration is flowing, the changes in scenery and nature, the start of the festive season, the christmas products I have to design, the busiest season for my business. It gives my inspiration a real kick up the butt which is just what I need after a (hopefully) relaxing summer which is often not busy work wise. 

8. Decorations. 

Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, I don't care what it is, I don't care how early it is - I want it all. I feel like whilst you can update your home per season you can't really put decorations up until this time of year. I currently have my Halloween decs up and there are pumpkins everywhere and I am a big one for Christmas. In a biiiiig way. It makes coming home exciting, it makes it homely, it makes it festive and I am all about that life. 

9. Quality time. 

Quality time with everyone and everything. October is a busy month for me and it's always been that way being my birthday and parties, being half term when I was in school, being the start of term when I went to university, being our traditional trip back to Wrexham every year since we graduated..... It's quality time with friends, quality time with family, quality time with the other half, quality time with myself, quality time with my business. It's full on and relaxed at the same time and it's everything. 

10. Hearty food. 

Save the best till last and all that? When it's Summer you don't want big hot stodgy meals, I'm all about the hotdogs and potato salad but October rolls in and I'm after gravy gravy and more gravy. And carbs. I'm talking yorkshire puddings, stew, puddings, sponge, potatoes, gravy (did I mention gravy?), roast dinners, sausages, pumpkin pie, chocolate fondue, cheese fondue....oh mama I'm hungry just thinking about it. 

What's your absolute fav month and why? Let me know in the comments!

















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