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10 Guilty Pleasures.

10 Guilty Pleasures.

I wish I could be eating this all day errr day. 

I wish I could be eating this all day errr day. 

Life is full of big lovely thing and lots of little things and lots of horrid things but my favourite of all is life's guilty pleasures; of which I have many. Here's 10 of my favs for you lovely lot to indulge in too. 

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

KUWTK is my number one favourite best guilty pleasure and one I am not ashamed of. I was soooo snide about the worlds most famous family until I went to university and my flatmate introduced it to me and now I am not only hooked, I am hooked on their social media and all the spin offs. Legit just trying to find a way of watching Rob & Chyna plz. My love of the Kardashians is no secret, I find them 1. Fascinating like animals in a zoo and 2. HILARIOUS. Like if you haven't seen the clip of Khloe when Kourt has had her mouth numbed you need to go Google it immediately. Read my Kardashian blog post here!

2. Googling Conspiracy Theories. 

This is where I feel like me and Hannah Gale and Lauren Rellis could be bezzies. I luhhhhh me a good conspiracy theory and enjoy wasting many an hour furiously Googling and searching and trying to find out what happened. You'll regularly find me down the theory rabbit hole and basically trying to work out what happened because we all know I'm a super sleuth and will obs work out the truth with my trusty iPhone. 

3. Celebrity Gossip. 

Likewise, Googling gossip. It doesn't matter if I care about the celeb, it doesn't matter if they're A list or Z list or somewhere in between. It doesn't matter if I know nothing about them, by the end of one Googling sesh with a cuppa I will know EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW including their entire family history and back story. 

4. Candy Crush. 

Remember the blissful year of 2012 when we were introduced to Gangnam Style and Thrift Shop and Harlem Shake and Candy Crush and Snapchat? And then everyone played it for like a year and everyone was OBSESSED? Yeah I haven't stopped. And I'm not even that good. 

5. Checking My Google Analytics. 

Obsessively. Several times a day. Watching the real time counter creep up and up. I know stats shouldn't matter but ohhhh the satisfaction of hitting a milestone and the ultimate horrific nightmare of a post not doing so well or getting less than your average daily views. Oh and hey to all 31 of you on the blog as I type this, thanks for doing some late night reading you babes. 

6. Shit Music. 

Let me give you an example, in the past few days my iPod has been on shuffle and it has churned up Rock DJ - Robbie Williams, Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre, Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain and Baby - Justin Bieber. I do actually have good taste in music I promise, I have a VERY wide eclectic taste but you can't beat an old classic belted out at full volume on a late night drive right? Right? 

7. Dancing In My Car. 

Preferably to the shit music. My Mum has tinted windows in her car and when I'm in any other vehicle I kinda forget that I can be seen..... Watching me driving must be amazing for other road users because I get SO into it. I'm all sassy with Queen B, I do a full on power grab with Adele, I wink and shimmy with Fifth Harmony.....I do it all and in my eyes? I'm fabulous at it. 

8. Pasta And Cheese. 

I mean preferably as macaroni cheese all the time obviously, like I'm not mad but mac & cheese takes ages to prepare and make (read, about 30 minutes which I think you'll agree says a lot about my cooking). Good old fashioned pasta with a helping of grated cheddar dumped on the top will forever be my guilty pleasure meal of choice. It's also the reason I just kept adding to my Freshers fifteen at uni but hey, so bloody good. 

9. Emojis And GIFs. 

My life blood. I am almost incapable of texting or tweeting without an emoji or a GIF these days and honestly? That's ok with me. Remember the Chainsmoker selfie song? Me and my flatmate once text that entire song to eachother through emojis. GIFs will forever sum up what I need to say better than words and I am VERY good at selecting an appropriate one to fit in with any situation. It's even in my Twitter bio so must be legit. 

10. Depressing Books. 

I'll read the odd chicklit with a happy ending don't get me wrong but give me a depressing novel and I'm sold. Some of my favourite ever books include a real live account of living with someone with Cystic Fibrosis, a story about a girl in a coma whose entire family die in a car crash and she has to decide if she wants to wake up plus anything by Nicolas Sparks or Jodie Picoult. I mean, the reason I like them is because I want to read something heartfelt and they make me SO thankful for my life and the people I love but every year for my birthday and christmas when I read out the synopsis to my parents my Mum is always like OH FFS whereas my Dad thinks they sound good. Go figure which one I follow. 

SO curious to know what other people consider their guilty pleasures, or if we have anything matching on the list?!









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