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Why I'm As Bullet Journal Obsessed As Ever.

Why I'm As Bullet Journal Obsessed As Ever.


Bullet journaling has not only contributed to making my blog a success, but it's also contributed a heck of a lot to my personal life too. I've written a lot about how discovering the world of bujo has impacted my life and my general productivity and also, most recently, about how I think it reflects my personality

I've also written about whether or not the bullet journal trend will stick and I concluded that whilst the hype over it might die out, people like me who genuinely love it will probably never be able to use a conventional journal again. But if you are like me then you're likely as bullet journal obsessed as when you first started out - maybe even more so. 

I know I am. 

I feel like bullet journaling was at it's peak in early 2016. That's when it first came to my attention, that's when the biggest bloggers were raving about it, that's when I started mine and I feel like that's when it was the real new big thing. Whilst that hype has kind of dies down a little and I haven't seen my fav bloggers mention bullet journaling for months until they get offered a sponsored post (shade? me?).

That being said, there's still a lot of fandom surrounding bullet journaling and I feel like that constant stream of inspiration continues to fuel my obsession with the platform. Pinterest is maybe the worst for this as there's a million and one pins to do with journaling, mine included, but Facebook groups and even Insta are doing the same thing. Having such an incoming surge of inspiration, trends, layout ideas and habit trackers means I am still as motivated as ever to include new things in mine and to include more and more into my Leuchtturm

I think this also ties into the room for manoeuvre that I love so much about journaling. That flexibility to be able to see a spread on Pinterest and to implement it into your journal the following week. I continue to be obsessed with my bujo because I am able to change it up so much, keeping it fresh and adding fuel to my creativity.

I suspect this is a big reason a lot of people stick with bullet journaling actually, the ability to change it on a whim. Long gone are the days of being confined to a set notebook or diary, now we are able to incorporate all walks of life into one (life saving) little book. For me, the ability to add a packing list for my upcoming trip to Venice alongside my chores list for the weekend at home means I'll probably never return to traditional journaling again.    

It's also amazing what it's done for my organisation. I am a naturally organised person anyway but these days I'm sure my brain would fall out of my arse if I didn't have my bujo and god forbid I ever lose it. Again, this goes back to the ability to include everything in my journal and now the only thing I keep on a separate piece of paper is my address book and my wall calendar at home (which is more for Joss to know where I am than for me!). However, despite being naturally organised, bullet journaling has only amplified it. Now, even the smallest of tasks is noted down, nothing has to be remembered, everything has a place and a list and a time. I don't double book, I don't overload my day (well, sometimes) and you can pretty much track my day down to the hour. 

Ultimately - I'm as bullet journal obsessed as ever because it suits me. I suits my personality, it suits my need to micro manage, it suits my ability to organise. It suits my blog, my work, my family and my home life. It suits my creative side, my slightly obsessive side, my planner side and my forgetful side. It combines birthdays with when I need to post cards, allows me to plan my freelance work around my home obligations. It suits everything about me and I have no doubt I'll be sticking with it for the foreseeable. 





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