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Introducing My 2017 Bullet Journal Take 2

Introducing My 2017 Bullet Journal Take 2

Guess who filled a 249 page bullet journal in the first 6 months of the year?! This gal did. 

If you're no stranger to this blog you'll know this year I am more bullet journal obsessed than ever, these days using it for absolutely anything and everything. But with lots of spreads and lists comes, well, very little space and by the time June rolled around my trusty black bujo was full. 

For my July - December journal I recommitted to a Leuchtturm 1917 but this time in oh so Instagrammable turquoise and the love affair continues. 

A lot of my second journal of the year is very similar or exactly the same as my first (have a nosey at that one here) but some has changed, some has gone and some of it is new. So without further ado - come and meet my 2017 Bullet Journal (part 2).

This journal starts almost exclusively the same as the previous 6 months, and that includes leaving the first page blank because I can't bear to fuck up such an important page. 

I have started a contents lists again and whilst I didn't use my contents in my old journal, I simply cannot stand the idea of it all being empty. As with my 2017 part 1 journal I will continue to fill this in correctly until I run out of contents space (approx 1/3 of the way through) and then I'll never use it again and no love lost. 

This time around my doodles and fillers and typography pages have been tweaked slightly but almost not at all. My doodles have just become more focused to the borders and banners I use the most and my typography has headed in very much the same way. I've been using my dotted exercise book I got in my Cratejoy Subscription box at the beginning of the year for fonts practice and I transferred some of my favourites to the start of this journal (although tbf most of them are so engrained in memory I freehand them anyway).   

My key and my dates to remember are pretty much the same as in my previous journal with just a few changes in layout design and following those pages I have two double page spreads of monthly calendars with birthdays which was so identical I didn't bother to photograph it.. I rarely used to look at my birthdays lists in my 2016 journal, instead opting to peep at my wall calendar at home but this time around my bujo is my saving grace when it comes to not forgetting people's big days. 

Now comes the most used pages of my journal and some part that stayed exactly the same yet changed at the same time. In my journal for the first 6 months of the year I obviously didn't anticipate I wouldn't be using it the whole year round so I mapped out all 12 months calendars and habit trackers. Being a end of the year journal this time around I only have July - December worked out but the layouts have stayed exactly the same. 

These layouts work for me, I probably won't ever change them but having all 6 months mapped out in one go is a god send to my productivity. I can now future plan to my hearts content but it also stops that pesky dilemma of being too busy to draw out an intricate spread but needing to use it ASAP. The only other change in this was I made a conscious decision to put the habit trackers immediately after the monthly calendar, in my Jan- June journal for some reason they were split up by a variety of trackers and it was a constant source of aggravation to me; this is much easier to work on month by month. 

Following my monthly layouts are a few familiar sights. My trackers have stayed pretty much the same since journal 1 of this year so I have chosen to only photograph a few because I have no doubt you'll be sick to the teeth of seeing the same spreads over and over. 

I try to keep my ongoing trackers to the start of my journal because then I can really get cracking with the weekly spreads and more spur of the moment things and that means I don't have to go searching to find the tracker I need to fill in next. The only thing I wanted to do and completely forgot about was to have my NYE resolutions at the start but I forgot so they're annoyingly like halfway through.

Not all photographed but all included (and the same as my previous journal) are;

  • Monthly savings
  • Money I owe
  • 2017 books
  • 2017 films
  • Blog goals
  • Advertisers packages info
  • General Packing lists
  • Blog post ideas
  • Bujo blog post ideas
  • NYE Resolutions
  • 2017 Bucket List

Andddd finally last up, a coupla new or slightly new additions. There were a few things I wanted to include in my next journal and starting a new one in July meant I didn't have to wait until 2018 which is always nice. 

Some of my new spreads are actually just reincarnations of old ones or smaller lists like my parcels tracker or my bujo inspiration ideas. But some of them are completely new and bizarrely I haven't photographed hardly any of them.

New trackers and spreads include; 


And then we move swiftly into full steam ahead and all my lovely July content which you'll see in another post soon I am sure. I am also trying to be a bit less precious with this journal and make it a bit more scrapbooky and a true reflection of my life so whenever I mess up, instead of ripping pages out (DO NOT, YOUR JOURNAL WILL FALL APART) I have been covering them up with lots of pictures that inspire me. Think Pinterest board but on paper. It's divine (post coming soon I have no doubt). 

Pin me for later!












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