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I Hate To Ask You To Direct My Content But.....

I Hate To Ask You To Direct My Content But.....

Shelving unit - Tiger  Fake succulent - Primark 

Shelving unit - Tiger

Fake succulent - Primark 

.....I'm about to. 

I'm all about those filler pieces of blog content at the moment - you know the types, the ones that are short, written quickly, you don't have a lot to take away from it but it's not utter horse shit (I hope). I can only apologise, I've had a busy week which has meant I haven't had time to take photos for the actual decent posts I have scheduled and I've got a family wedding this weekend so am scheduling this on Friday night so I don't have to think about it when I'm far too bleary eyed on Sunday. 

But onto the matter at hand. 

I kinda hate asking for ideas for my blog content. I have a lot, I have a double page bullet journal spread of ideas I haven't written and don't get me started on actual bullet journal content, there's a whole bigger separate list for that. I'm not out of ideas and I kinda hate it when bloggers put up them twitter polls like 'what do you want to see?' (I know, I'm a hypocrite and a bitch). I'm like hun you write what you wanna write and I'll be reading either way. 

And here I am about to do the same. 

But the reason I'm asking is I have come to the conclusion that my blog is somewhat lacking in a part of my life that has been VERY dominant in the first 6 months of this year. And that my friends is my house. 

I've touched upon it briefly, I've done some homeware lists, some inspiration and a coupla posts on what to expect when you have your own place but I definitely haven't scraped even the bottom of the barrel of what I could talk about. 

If you're new and you need some context I live with my boyfriend on his family farm/cider orchard (yes, really) and whilst we live on the same plot as his family, we have our own space. We have a mini (albeit 3 bedroom) spot and in January/February we had it renovated with lots of electrics and building work and plumbing and in March/April we finished moving in, shopping, decorating and unpacking. 

I haven't shared a massive deal about it really and the main reason for this is I don't want to do an outright in depth tour of the house which whilst it's content I love about other people's blogs, I don't want to do my own. Happy to share the odd snap and plenty of details but a full on Alfie/Zoella style tour is not on the cards- some things I want to keep to myself in the old blogging world. 

But, despite the lack of house tour I still have plenty of content I didn't share, haven't found the time to share and ideas include; 

  1. Room by room details and products. 
  2. Where we got all our furniture. 
  3. How to renovate on a budget. 
  4. Tips for building work and contractors. 
  5. DIYS and decorating tips. 
  6. Where to buy decorations for cheap. 
  7. How to source the best bargains. 
  8. How to stay sane!!!



Here we are then, me asking you to direct my content. I want you to tell me if the house and everything that comes with it is content you're interested in? What you want to see? If there's any topics I haven't covered that you want to know more about? 

Drop me a comment, send me a tweet, let me know what you want and I aim to please! 











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