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Job Hunting In Your Bullet Journal

I was job hunting for four slow months until I secured the interview that landed me this job and 84 applications later here we are. I tracked all of it in my bullet journal under the instruction of Mel and it definitely helped keep me sane when applications became monotonous.

Here’s what I tracked and why I tracked it and how it helped me job hunt…..

Friday Favourites 10th - 23rd June 2017.

Well shit it's been a fucker of a fortnight to write about Favourite's hasn't it? From the fallout from the election to Grenfell to the terror attack in London on Monday to today - a happy one year anniversary of Brexit. 

But as always, here I am to say that whilst the world is falling apart and we're facing some of the toughest things thrown at this little island, there are small every day things to make us smile. Here's mine from the last 2 weeks...

Current Bullet Journal Inspiration.

If you've been following my blog for a while you might have seen some of my bullet journal posts before and will know I only got into the trend I now obsess over last May. I was A Ok with starting a journal partway through the year because I knew that's the beauty of a bujo, the ability to flit in and out when you want to and make it completely customisable to yourself and your life. 

How I'm Using My Bullet Journal For Christmas

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I'm no stranger to that Bullet Journal life so the idea that I have adapted mine for Christmas will probably come as no surprise to you. 

Obviously I can't actually show you any spreads from my festive pages because a lot of them reveal secrets like what presents I've bought who but I thought I'd give you a little peep and how it looks anyway. 

Don't forget if you DO fancy glammin up your journal for the festive season I created a bunch of printables for you to download and trace at home which you can find below!