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Getting A Mortgage And Bricking It.

Getting A Mortgage And Bricking It.

So first of all a bit of background about me, I'm Tania I went university with Gwen and when we first met one of us was a bit shy and the other loved a drink of vodka or two, I will let you figure out which one of us was which.

I was luckily enough to be left money from my great aunt when she died to give me a start in life, so I decided to buy a house and a few other bits lipstick dresses yanno help the economy and all that. However with buying a house means id need a mortgage which is one of the biggest nightmares ever so word of advice get a finical adviser to do all the running around he is literally a life saver he found me the best deals at rates I could afford blah blah yeah he did a good job with all the shit that I couldn’t be bothered to do. Also as I’ve pointed out I’ve now got a full time job, there’s not a chance in hell I could of worked 40+ hours a week, plan appointments with banks, pretend to read the legal stuff and pretend even harder I knew what was going on NEVER going to happen. So get a finical adviser that being said he cant prepare you for things out of your control.

Everything was going well and then…. “Miss Clarke you don’t earn enough to be able to afford a mortgage”... Are you shitting me!!!!

Forty hours a week plus commission and a deposit of 15% was still not enough to secure a mortgage in my name; cue mini break down.

Luckily my mum stepped in and said she would have a joint mortgage with me so basically they add up both our wages and then my mortgage was granted.

But that wasn’t the end of the stress oh no that would be too easy ….. “Miss Clarke your property was valued at less than your requested mortgage.”

So the plan was that I buy the house my mum owns as its been in the family for 116 years and she would move to Devon, she was going to knock a bit of money off for me to be able to afford it, however to get a mortgage you have to have the house surveyed and when the man came to do ours he valued it at twenty thousand pounds less than we where expecting. Yes twenty thousand how ironic that my friends blog is twentysomthingmeltdown.

Needless to say my mum was fuming.

And that then had a knock on effect, so my mum has to look at cheaper houses in Devon, so I’m stuck with my mum for longer than expected while she has a mid life crisis because the house she wants she now cant have, and to make it worse my job is a kitchen designer so every house she sees I have to design a new kitchen, okay maybe that isn’t to bad but it is annoying.

On the plus side I have a semi mortgage and I have a sofa arriving in a few weeks as I was a bit impulsive and thought my mum would have a house by now awks.  

If you're getting a mortgage soon hope it goes as smoothly for you as it did for me…..

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