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How I'm Using My Bullet Journal For Christmas

How I'm Using My Bullet Journal For Christmas

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I'm no stranger to that Bullet Journal life so the idea that I have adapted mine for Christmas will probably come as no surprise to you. 

Obviously I can't actually show you any spreads from my festive pages because a lot of them reveal secrets like what presents I've bought who but I thought I'd give you a little peep and how it looks anyway. 

Don't forget if you DO fancy glammin up your journal for the festive season I created a bunch of printables for you to download and trace at home which you can find below!

Free Bullet Journal Christmas Printables. 

So far in my journal I am using my normal weekly and monthly layouts to record dates, events, parties and things I have already committed to - thankfully I'm not crazy busy enough to need a dedicated Christmas party calendar. 

But then as I go I am adding new spreads and lists for things that arise as we career closer and closer toward the big day, all of which are adorned with festive doodles, borders and typography naturally. 

I made a paper list of everything I wanted for Christmas which my Dad asked me to make to hand out to relatives and then I made a second matching list where I can cross off what I did and didn't get so any Christmas money that comes my way can go on those things. 

I also have a whole looooad of to do lists and lots of trackers for who I have to send cards to and I cross off each one when they're done, so for example at the moment only the international ones have gone. 

I kept another list for all those bits and bobs we seem to forget like gift bags and tags and wrapping paper to make sure I had enough and yesterday I laid all the presents out on the bed, attached a giftbag to each person's pile and I managed to buy the perfect amount so the list works - the proof is in the pudding. 

I've got more lists for everyone we need to buy cards for, we buy special cards for the family from both me and Joss so we have a lot of people to get for and a lot of things to remember.

I have made quite a few to do lists of things left to buy, I think I'm on my third now and it'll probably be my last as we only have about 4 stocking filler type presents left to get. 

Closer to the day I'll probably do another spread for organising my wrapping, themes, who's done and who isn't and any more last minute tags or bows I need to lay my hands on. 

Other than that I have no doubts I'll whack in a few more lists and spreads and trackers when the last minute festive panic sets in and I think my head will explode with things to do. 

How are you using your bullet journal for Christmas? Have you adapted how you already work or added in specific spreads and plans? Have you used my printables in your notebook?
















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