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Bullet Journals & Holidays - A Match Made In Heaven.

Bullet Journals & Holidays - A Match Made In Heaven.


Bullet journals are for lists. Holidays are for lists. Do I need to give you anymore information? 

Holidays, mini breaks, months on end away - all are lovely when you get there and a bloody minefield of organisation before you go. I have always been a holiday list maker, or make that a holiday serial list maker. Sheets on end of lists, packing lists, to do lists, to remember lists, directions, booking confirmations and about a trillion and one post it notes. 

So when I first entered the world of bullet journaling I knew my holiday lists were done, the game had changed and bullet journals and holidays are a match made in heaven. 

How to plan your holiday in your bullet journal;

The key thing when it comes to planning your holiday is that everything is all in one place. Don't be afraid to block off some room in your journal purely for all the holiday organisation but if, like me, you have THE FEAR over not leaving enough pages or leaving too many then jus create a new sheet every time something crops up. Then all you have to do is bookmark them or slot a paperclip into each holiday page to easily find them when you need them. 

Long gone should be the days of 3 different notebooks all with list upon list and hastily scribbled reference numbers and flight times, with your bullet journal everything is in one. If yo do have to print any holiday paperwork, such as confirmations, copies of passports etc, keep them in your journal too. You can buy notebooks with pockets in the front or back which will easily hold all your paper but you can just as easily make one - I found this tutorial on Pinterest in about 2 clicks and there are tonnes more. 

By now you've probably got a feel for how your bullet journal system works best for you so this is where it gets ambiguous on my part. The best way to plan your holiday is firstly to write everything down and secondly to do it in a way that works for you. 

Personally I am all about the calendars and the lists. If it ain't a calendar or it ain't a list, it's probably not in my bullet journal. When I'm coming up to a trip away I make several very focused lists (more details on that to come) and I also work to a calendar system, for example an itinerary for each day we're away or perhaps a timeline of what stage of travel we're meant to be at when. This is how I use my bullet journal anyway so I know when it comes to my holiday that my system works, and how I'm going to organise based on that.  

What to include in your bullet journal to make your holiday easier; 

  • Dream destinations or a travel bucket list to narrow down where to go
  • Pros and cons of destinations/accommodation 
  • Flight/transport confirmations
  • Accommodation confirmations
  • Receipts of payment 
  • Timing details
  • Transfer details
  • Details of where the pets are staying (if in kennels etc)
  • Places to go when you're visiting
  • A checklist of what CAN'T go in your luggage 
  • Packing list for you/the other half/the kids
  • Copy of important paperwork
  • What to do in the week before
  • What to do the day before
  • What to do the day of
  • Roadtrip playlist ideas
  • Copies of travel insurance
  • Important phone numbers for where you're staying
  • Emergency numbers for home
  • Your contact details (for anyone who finds your lost journal) 
  • Name and number for hotel manager or holiday host
  • List of useful phrases in the language spoken of where you are 
  • List of public transport timings
  • Currency conversion
  • Return details 

The secret to a smooth holiday is organisation and the secret to smooth organisation is your bullet journal. 

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