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My Month In Photos - August 2017.

My Month In Photos - August 2017.

My month in photos - August 2017

My month in photos - August 2017

How HOW is it nearly September? Kids are going back to school, Summer is basically over and tomorrow social media will be alight with PSL and tartan scarves. I personally am not ready for it. I love Autumn, I do, but as much as I love the chance to don my winter jumpers unseasonably early and as much as I love the colours of the leaves and a travel mug full of tea I'm just not ready for Summer to be over. 

I hate really hot weather but the weekends we had in June or this bank holiday were perfect. 25 degrees, no need to think about taking a jacket out, sunglasses on your head and the windows down in the car - that's my happiest. I'm not ready for the fact it's already getting dark earlier. I'm not ready for leaving the house when it feels like 6 in the morning. I am ready for Christmas though but shhhhhh. 

Here's hoping we get an Indian summer the whole of September huh? 

What I Did;

Cor blimey I was on holiday at the beginning of the month and that feels like a million moons ago. I spent the first 3 days of the month in Dorset with my parents and Joss and we fitted a lot in. We went to Poole and spent the day on Brownsea Island, we went to Weymouth, we went to Dorchester, we ate out, we lived large and whilst it wasn't the longest break I could've done with it was pretty great anyway - despite the rain. When we got back we immediately went to Folly Farm with my niece, my family and my brother's fiancé's family, got stuck back into the cider business and the farm and the house and had a couple of birthdays with takeaways. I babysat my niece 14 days of the month and took her to an agricultural show at the beginning of the month, lots of walks around where we live and the museum at the end of the month too. I've actually managed to be very sociable this month too - a bit of a feat when your friends are spread across the whole of the UK. We had a big family birthday with a big party mid month and I visited lots of friends over the bank holiday weekend, which will be featured a bit more in tomorrow's Friday Favs. 

What I Watched; 

I have something like 70 programmes currently unwatched on my TV recorder? When we went away and when I was house sitting we barely watched anything but we've been back 4 weeks and just don't have the time to get through it so we're just recording more and more. I've been slowly working my way through it though and we're caught up on some things; namely Top of the Lake; China Girl which is creepy AF, Castle, 8/10 Cats Does Countdown and MIC: Ibiza. I am also catching up with Rob & Chyna which I missed when it was originally on but they're re showing it on 4 Music and it's meeeeeental. And of course I feel like Game of Thrones needs a special mention. I won't post spoilers for those watching from the start or those who haven't seen the finale of Season 7 yet but holy fucking shit. Just omg. 

What I Worked On; 

I finished my job for Effi! Honestly I don't want to say it cos she's part of the blog squad and I don't want to make their heads any bigger than they already are for all the love on my blog but she was the dream client and I told her so. She knew exactly what she wanted, she made me a frickin mood board and when we just couldn't quite get one of the illustrations right she just kept suggesting the tiniest things to tweak until the cracked them. She was divine and I can't wait to see all my little scribbles come to life at her wedding! I'm also nearly done with the personalised book I've been working on for a year with just final book design changes and decisions to make so hopefully I can share that next month. 

What I Journaled;

I had to cut back on journaling this month when I realised I only had 100 pages left in my SECOND bullet journal of the year and I've got 4 months left.... Instead I stopped automatically creating master to do lists and thought carefully about what I needed and it actually made myself much more productive in how I use the journal. Aside from my weekly spreads and normal content I created a blog stats page which I just filled in for the end of the month, have continued to fill in my sleep tracker and marked up my calendar and blog schedule for September. Blog wise I only actually blogged twice about my bullet journal; how to keep it pretty and how I make it work for me. Next month I'm planning a new bujo post every week.

What I Blogged; 

NGL I had more blog posts planned for this month than I ended up writing. I had it in my head unofficially I might blog every day or just miss one day a week but life gets in the way as is always the case and I ended up blogging 21 days out of 31 which I appreciate isn't all that bad. Like I mentioned above I intend to do more bullet journal posts next month and I'm also planning a homeware post about our move every week of September too. Obviously at the beginning of August I had a massive blog revamp and I'm still very much in love with it and really enjoying the new format. When I look back over my content for the month I realise I've asked a lot of questions; Is doing it for the grid really that bad? Are we always looking for the next fresh start? Am I writing for my audience? What exactly is micro blogging? Editing on Instagram - are we going too far? I thought of all of these questions toward the end of July for various reasons or prompted by something on Twitter and I obviously added them to my August schedule because it was fresh in my head but I think it kinda made my content as a whole month kinda stale? Like not quite enough variety so I'm going to try not to do the same next month. 

What I Bought;

I didn't spend a lot in July cos I was skint and had a car service and a holiday to pay for so I intended to splash a bit of hard earned money on my holiday when I went at the beginning of August. I didn't quite have the blow out I had hoped cos I didn't have much disposable income for the month but I went to Primark and picked up some jeans, boring bits like vest tops and socks, some tops and jumpers but I also got the Primark boots of my dreams which have had bit of wear this month. Other than that I've made myself skint by seeing friends and spending money on petrol to get to people I love so whilst I've got not dollah left I have lots of lovely memories so all good innit? 

Here's to September being just as sociable as August!













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