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Friday Favourites 4th - 17th February 2017

Friday Favourites 4th - 17th February 2017



February is both flying by and taking a year. I feel a bit freaked out every time I look at the date at how quick this month has gone and yet it feels like 10 years since I wrote the last Friday Favs. 

I mentioned in a blog post last week that I was too busy to blog (ironically making enough time to blog about it) but it's true, life has well and truly caught up on me. Between life and decorating and life again, everything has swamped me and I've cried more tears of sheer frustration of being overwhelmed the past 7 days than I have in years. 

So this weekend, whilst decorating a bit, I am taking it slow and enjoying some bullet journaling and writing blog posts when I fancy it, like now. No pressure, no worries it's 10pm at night. Just enjoying writing. 

But whilst we're talking blog posts; huuuuge thanks to everyone who shared and loved and favourited my Ultimate Blogging Guide from last weekend. I'm so pleased everyone liked it and found it useful, all credit goes to the fabulous gals who wrote the original articles I liked so much. 

1. IKEA Furniture. 

It was 3 weeks ago we went on our 3 hour excursion to IKEA but a fortnight ago our delivery arrived with allll the goodies we couldn't fit in the car. We got a bed, a side table, a coffee table, a tv unit, a chest of drawers, a coat stand and 4 dining room chairs and we've nearly put everything up. We're still painting all our rooms so we haven't quite assembled everything and have a few boxes left but oh lord I love it all. The bed is a day bed/sofa bed type thing which I bought this gorgeous summery bedding for and it's my absolute favourite thing in the house. It's in the spare room which also functions as a dressing room for me (lol jk it just has my wardrobe in) and Joss' office and I keep going in and just looking at it cos it's so cute and cosy. 

You can see what we bought in this cheeky blog post from yesterday. 

2. Grown Ups. 

In the past fortnight we have finally got into our kitchen. We had a slight mishap when our freezer broke and we had to buy a new one which arrived today but we finally have our table and chairs up and found the majority of our utensils. We celebrated our first night in the kitchen with a classic British staple; pie and chips. We then followed that up with a pretty grown up meal of turkey dinosaurs and potato waffles a few days later so I think you'll agree we have hit peak adulting. 


3. Those Types Of Friends. 

Last week (which feels like forever ago) I pootled up the A470 to Nantgarw to meet up with the pals I made way back when on my diploma course in 2011. It will always astound me when I think about this gang of misfits and the friendship we made over a mere 9 months before parting ways again and I hope we'll always be meeting up for Frankie and Benny's and general hilarity. They're my people. 

Also this photo is from 2015 and I swear, every time I see them is exactly the same. 


4. St Fagans. 

When trying to find fun things to do with my niece on a weekday I remembered St Fagans, a local museum of Welsh Life was free (car park is a fiver if you're thinking of going pals) so we took her there last Wednesday. I've been a million times, we did a cider fest there in September and my niece really likes it. The best part is it's huuuuge and she takes a long time to walk about so we can go there week after week and never see the same thing twice. This time we went to see the sheep and the pigs who we went to see twice and also had a jacket potato with cheese in the cafe to warm our bones cos christ it was cold. 

5. Mama's Birthday. 

It was my Mum's birthday last week and I helped her celebrate by putting my car in the garage for 3 days so she had to drive me about like old times. I love me. On the afternoon of her birthday I actually celebrated with her after she'd finished at work with a scone and a mosey around IKEA (my fav place at the moment). She got shelves, I got more cacti and then we went home for a chippy tea. The perfect birthday, even if it wasn't mine. 

6. Weekend Celebrations. 

My Mum's birthday was on a weekday so on the following weekend my brother and his family came round and me and my boyfriend came round and we had a big family afternoon and a roast for her belated bday. My niece wore a party dress and cried when we sang happy birthday, my Mum got loads of lovely presents and we played the Talking Tables Pub Quiz which is our absolute fav and I'm going to need a bunch of new question cards soon because we play it so much. 


7. Six Nations. 

Last week we were lucky enough to have tickets given to us for the Wales v England 6 Nations match in Cardiff. Ok so we lost in the last 4 minutes and ok I maybe did a little cry and ok it totally ruined it but before that the day was SO good. The atmosphere in the Millennium (never the Principality) was bouncing, we saw Mike Phillips casually wandering next to us in the queue to get through security and there's just nothing like live rugby. 

Oh I also had a whole bottle of beer dropped onto me from higher up which soaked into all 5 layers of my clothes on the coldest day of the month. That admittedly wasn't the highlight. 

8. Valentine's. 

This week was of course Valentine's Day and love it or hate it or completely indifferent like me, we still celebrated cos #love. My boyfriend was working a 16 hour shift so we exchanged cards at somewhere around 5.30am a bit bleary eyed and then didn't see eachother again the whole day even though we both came home several times during the day. We're honestly like ships passing in the night when he's on a long shift. Instead, this evening (Friday yo) we went out for food instead of doing gifts as a bit of a belated V Day celebration and jesus christ I am so full I may never need to eat again. 

9. Daffodils. 

-whispers- Spring is coming people...... 

The past 2 or 3 days have been that little bit warmer, that little bit sunnier, that little bit lighter in the nights and it just feels like something nicer is coming our way ya know? In homage to this I bought some £1 daffs in Tesco last week along with some for my mama's birthday and this week they finally bloomed and my dining table is so much lovelier for it. 

Hope your weekend is fabulous, fun and filled with lovely flowers like mine!













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