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Friday Favourites 7th - 20th January 2017.

Friday Favourites 7th - 20th January 2017.

ff 20.01.2017

ff 20.01.2017

Oh goodness choosing some favourites from the past fortnight was like pulling teeth. Not gonna lie to you, I may as well admit now it's essentially all Manchester where I only went this week. 

I've been ill, I may have mentioned it before (read, whined everywhere). I have been ill for 13 days now and I write my Friday Favourites every fortnight so you can imagine the favourites have been thin on the ground. 

Last week I basically lay down for a week. I also couldn't blog, work, look at a screen, watch much TV or even be in a bright room so yeah....not a lot to go on. 

1. Taboo. 

One of the very few things I watched in the past fortnight except I only managed episode 1, missed 2 and haven't caught up in time for 3 tomorrow so no spoilers plz. Basically if you haven't watched Taboo on Saturday nights on the Beeb you NEED to get on it. It's a dark weird Victorian Gothic drama and it's amazing already but omfg it's Tom Hardy. Like celeb crushes isn't really my deal, I can appreciate but the fandom just ain't there for me. Except Tom Hardy. I can't even tell you how I think he's the sexiest man in the entire world and I hate the word sexy. He is -insert raised hands emoji here- 

2. Manchester. 

Oh Manchester how I love thee. On Wednesday and Thursday this week I went to visit my uni bestie and love Tania and we had such a beautiful time. I went to stay in her house and she made me a roast dinner even though I wasn't well and she drove me about and we had such a cute time. I have a theory that spending money on seeing friends like this is worth every penny and should always be saved for and invested in and it didn't prove me wrong. Sadly we didn't take any selfies which in itself is a crime so here, have one from October instead. 


3. Manchester Architecture. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, red brick is one of my absolute favourite things and I could take photos of red brick architecture and fill my Insta grid every day of the week. Manchester luckily is built on it and we went wandering so I could get some photos. Tania knows the importance of my Insta content and stopped in the middle of the street many a time for me to get the perfect shot. That's what friends are for. 

4. Cat Cafe. 

Yasssssss the girl booked us in to the cat cafe in Manchester on Thursday morning. Basically you book, pay for an hours slot and then you get free drinks and can grab some grub and play with some cats. There are cat rules to adhere to and you have to take your shoes off (or put on plastic slippers like we did) and then you go into the cafe itself. There's cats wandering about everywhere and you can stroke them and play with them (on their terms) and it's SO serene. The atmosphere, the decor, the music, the cats....it was so calming I could have fallen asleep. 100% if you have a cat cafe near you, BOOK IT. 

5. Haul.

I put myself on a spending ban before Manchester (unless it was house renovation related) so I hadn't been clothes shopping properly for ages. I kept my Christmas money and vouchers for my few days away so we went to the best Manchester had to offer - Primark obvs (with a few other shops included). I haven't had time to even unpack my suitcase let alone photograph what I bought so that might be in the next Friday favs but I got 2 pairs of shoes, lots of bits and bobs, some homeware and a butt load of woolies. In other news can we please talk about this New Look homeware stand? I need it all. 

6. Grown Up Shopping.

On Wednesday we did the grown up version of a haul and went to B&Q and Ikea for homeware and wallpaper. Tania is also doing work to her house so we got 13729748234278 accessories for her house and whilst I couldn't buy anything because I couldn't take it home on the train, I scouted out A LOT for my next Ikea Cardiff trip. It was good to do something different and made me feel like peak adulting. 


7. House Work. 

No not like the chores kind. I have spoken a million times the past few weeks on my blog and on my Instagram about how we're having house renovations done. It's a lot of work, a lot of money and a lot of mess but I feel like we're finally getting somewhere. I came home from Manchester to find my new kitchen looking a lot more like a kitchen and less like a building site. It's not finished by any means but the hob and oven and sink were in and it just feels like it's going to be beaut. We've also moved a lot of our stuff so every day Joss isn't in work we're at home working HARD and I feel like we haven't rested in months but hopefully it'll all be done soon and we can move our stuff in properly and just chill. For weeks. 


8. Valentines. 

YAS you might have missed it but I've designed my range of Valentine's Cards for 2017 and they're available on my Etsy now. I've got a bunch of new designs and also an old cacti favourite that sold out last year and you can get your mitts on them here!

Shop my range of Valentines Cards here!

And that's it! Another week over and hopefully the next fortnight I'll be feeling much healthier! 

















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