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What To Ask For For Easter If You Don't Like Chocolate

So I've written one of these twice now and they have gone down really well both times so here we are in 2018 with another wishlist. 

Easter is full of chocolate, we all know that, most of us have probably already eaten a sneaky egg already. But what if actually you're not that big a chocolate fan? What if you can't eat chocolate in your diet? 

Valentine's Gift Guide For The Punny.

For those of you who have forgotten - V day is approaching us with rapid intensity. Next Wednesday in fact falls the most loved up day of the year and the high street is full of heart shaped balloons and those me to you teddies we always see at this time of year. 

If like me you're more concentrating on the day before (pancake day FYI, best day of the year) then this is the gift guide for you. My fav bit of valentines is by far the punny mugs and gifts that appear in our supermarkets and the high street has not let us down this year my friends. 

5 Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents*

Aside from eating turkey sandwiches and putting up the decorations, wrapping is probably my favourite Christmas activity. I love wrapping presents at the best of times and this time of year means I have about 20 million individual parcels to festoon with ribbon and bows and tags and I am in my element. 

Here's my top 5 Pinterest inspired ways to wrap presents that even the least crafty of us can master....