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How To Create The Ultimate Care Package.

How To Create The Ultimate Care Package.


This post came requested from a lovely school friend who recently got sent not one but six care packages over the course of a fortnight when she was in need of a little cheering up. She was pretty happy with her mini care packages and mentioned she'd never have had the thought, nor the ideas of what to put in the parcels.

A care package for those not in the know is a little parcel, letter, card or collection sent in the post or delivered in person when someone needs it most. A way of cheering someone up, letting them know you care and you love them, a way of helping when you sometimes can't physically be there. 

So here we are - a requested post by a pal on how to create the ultimate care package for a friend, partner or member of your family. 

Start with a card:

You have to start somewhere and there's no better beginning in my opinion than a card. You can get the message across immediately with a card - whether it be good luck or get well soon or simply hi. Make sure it's bright and cheery and colourful and if it's got a really good pun on it then all the better. Etsy have some amazing ones if you're looking for something a little more off the cuff. 

Keep it cheap:

I think you can very quickly get very carried away with shopping when you're looking for something to fill your care package with so keep a budget in mind. You can easily get a really great parcel together for under a tenner, I think I spent about 6 quid all in all when I sent mine the other week. You don't have to send anything fancy, just a few bits from the supermarket or their fav makeup brand or even Primark will see you right. 

Know the person: 

Chances are, if you're sending a care package to someone then it's someone you hold dear to you and you know them pretty well. It can be hard to know exactly what to get but think carefully about the recipient and the choices they'd make for themselves. There's some staples that always work like chocolate or tea or a mug but try and pick ones you know they'd snap up themselves given half the chance. 

Consider the post:

If you're delivering your parcel to it's destined recipient in person then great but if you're sending it in the post remember to keep that in mind when choosing pieces for it. Fragile or breakable things might not be that appropriate for the mailman but if you are sending them remember to invest in some bubble wrap. Don't go too big or too bulky otherwise you're likely to incur a big ol bill at the post office and leave shipping instructions in case it can't be dropped through the letterbox. 

Remember the reason: 

This is absolutely key to nailing the perfect care package - remember the reason you're sending it. There might be situations where a particular gift isn't appropriate, like big pink fluffy heart cushions when someone has suffered a loss. If they're home sick then something for them to do outdoors or super active probably won't do. Remember why you're sending it and buy appropriately - something to show your love and that you're thinking of their current situation. 


Care package ideas:

  • mug filled with teabags or coffee.
  • hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows. 
  • fluffy socks.
  • a pair of pjs. 
  • their fav shampoos and conditioners and body washes. 
  • sleep spray.
  • lush products or bath bombs. 
  • tea lights or candles. 
  • reed diffusers or cinnamon sticks.
  • a big bunch of flowers. 
  • a colouring book and pencils, 
  • a reading book. 
  • lots and lots of chocolate and biscuits. 
  • a cacti (if you're hand delivering!)
  • slippers.
  • a cd from their fav band.

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