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Hello. It's Me.

Hello. It's Me.

My range of Valentine's Day cards 2017. 

My range of Valentine's Day cards 2017. 


Remember when I used to daily blog? Remember when I used to tweet people? Remember when I was an active member of the blogging community? 

No me neither. 

It's been a week since I last opened my laptop or even attempted any work. Literally the only thing I have managed to do is post on Instagram and yesterday I didn't even bother with that. 

I've been ill. You might have seen me whining about it. 

Last Sunday me and my boyfriend woke up as we always do at 5.30am for him to go to work and felt rouuuuugh. I think it was a combination of a lot of things; people we were around had colds, the business of Christmas and New Years was over and frankly we just haven't been looking after ourselves properly. 

Joss works as a carer which sees us up at 5.30am and home again at 11pm weekly and it's just not a sustainable lifestyle. We normally manage to catch up on a Friday and Saturday but the last few weeks we haven't slept in for one reason or another (mainly we're having massive renovations done on the house lul good timing pals) and I think the first sign of illness our bodies were like NAH MATE CAN'T DO IT. So a few days off work for him and he was right as rain again. 


I've been crashed out for an entire week. Forget the colds of olds, this wasn't even a cough or a runny nose for the first three days (that came later and oh how joyous a time that was). I haven't really eaten since last Sunday, I have been in bed at 9pm every day, I have been lying on my sofa or my bed doing nothing....literally nothing. On Friday Joss' mum made me sit in her living room with the fire on and I didn't even watch tv or scroll my phone. I just sat there. For 3 hours. 

I've had no energy, been barely able to keep my eyes open, drinking loads, my head felt dizzy and fuzzy and simultaneously like I had the worst amount of pressure on it. Lights and phone screens were making my eyes sore....it was just minging. 

And I'm not even over it yet, I just finally feel like I'm coming to the tail end of it. I now have a bunged up nose and a tickly cough which is also resulting in me throwing up once I've coughed too much (cute ik) and still no appetite. 

As with all things comes silver linings and this one gave me weight loss (I jest) and I read 2 books, books being something I haven't picked up since January 2015. 


Anyway, enough of my woe is me tales, I am kindaaaaa back on it but not properly. I'm not going to throw myself in all hell for leather because I can open a laptop screen again but I have at least blogged and done my duties as an advertiser host cos lord knows I was letting them girls down. 

In other news, and the whole reason behind this ramble, the one thing I did manage to do was to launch my Valentine's Day cards (and that's cos money motivates me lolololol cos girl gotta earn a living). 

I have 5 new designs plus one back by popular demand from last year and I'm really pleased with them and I'd be thrilled if you fancied buying one or just sharing the link with your friends if it's their kinda thing because I do put a lot of effort in and it might JUST be Etsy sales to some people but Etsy sellers know, it's the bread and butter of our business and really does help us make an income so we can make cute new things for ya'll. Longest sentence ever. 

Shop my Valentine's Day Cards here!

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