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9 Christmas Day Outfit Ideas.

9 Christmas Day Outfit Ideas.


The Christmas day outfit is like a right of passage for some of us. For some, it's the last thing on our minds but for others we've started planning it in about September. 

Me personally I am somewhere in the middle? It's definitely always a day for 'dressing up' in my house but you also have to be warm and comfortable so I tend to sack off the jeans for one day and normally opt for my tartan skirt from years ago, a christmas jumper, wooly tights and a pair of slippers. 

Whether you dress up or dress down or don't get dressed at all - here's 9 high street outfit ideas if you're looking to make a last minute treat yo damn self purchase. 

1. The Super Sparkly One. 


2. The Comfortable One. 


3. The All Black One. 


4. The Dressed Down One. 


5. The Princess One. 


6. The Christmas Colours One. 


7. The 'I Made An Effort But Can Still Eat 3 Helpings' One. 


8. The Cosy Vibes One. 


9. The Not Getting Dressed One. 


This year I have decided to up the anti and am going as glam as it gets for me - with head to toe Primark. I am teaming a red fine knit jumper which has a collar embellished with silver gems with that velvet Primark skirt from number 5 above and topping it all off with red tassel earrings from Primark and my black star detailed boots I bought there back in the summer. 
















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