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Bedroom Wishlist | April 2018.

Bedroom Wishlist | April 2018.


The final day! 

I am changing up my little blog for the next working week with a little homeware edit every day. I am running on empty lately being so busy in my life and my blog is falling behind so I wanted to schedule some content to tide me over this week when I jetset off again on a mini UK break.

It's a year this month since Joss and I finished decorating our house and got it exactly the way we wanted it, and the way it stands now and also obvs April is the perfect time for spring cleaning, or changing your living situation up a bit. 

With that in mind I decided to do a homeware edit for 5 rooms of your house full of all the stuff I'd buy if we were starting our place from scratch.

It's the last day of my wish list posts and today's comes in the form of your bedroom. One of the rooms you probably spend the least amount of time in awake but one you spend A LOT of time in during your life. It has to be calming, it has to be cosy and it has to be relaxing enough to send you to sleep - creating a bedroom really is a minefield. 

My bedroom at home is yellow with wooden floors and lots of wooden furniture and full of little trinkets and ornaments to boot. A bedroom is a weird kinda space because you want it to be cosy and somewhere peaceful to wind down at the end of the day, but often it also has to hold your clothes, your furniture, your shoes, your makeup, your jewellery etc etc etc. It's hard to find a balance of storing all your stuff and having a busy life but also having a relaxing room so my solution is beautiful pieces. Allll the soft furnishings, beautiful storage and as many cushions on your bed as you can physically manage. 




All items marked with an * are affiliate links. For any purchase you make using them, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

1. Retro bedside table - £75.00 from La Redoute*

2. Full length mirror - £250.00 from Oliver Bonas*

3. Cotton duvet cover - £35.00 - £45.00 from Matalan. 

4. Trinket dish - £9.99 from H&M*

5. Fabric storage box in cream - £12.00 from Matalan.

6. Rose gold alphabet letter - £12.00 from Oliver Bonas*

7. Navy storage ottoman - £20.00 from Asda*

8. Herringbone coral cushion - £7.00 from Wilko. 

9. Ceramic house lamp - £15.00 from Wilko. 

10. Grey footstool - £39.00 from Asda*

11. Two tier bedside table - £129.00 from La Redoute*

12. White double bed frame - £245.00 from Ikea.  

13. Cream 2 drawer bedside table - £109.00 from Dunelm. 

14. Round mirror - £12.99 from H&M*

15. Cactus shaped mirror - £55.00 from La Redoute*

16. Floral print lamp - £15.00 from Asda*

17. Seagrass storage box - £8.00 from Matalan.

18. Washed linen cushion cover  - £12.99 from H&M*

19. Herringbone coral throw - £8.00 from Wilko. 

20. Purple ring holder - £6.00 from Oliver Bonas*

21. Grey bedside table - £49.00 from Ikea. 

22. White chest of drawers - £65.00 from Ikea. 

23. Palm tree print lamp - £20.00 from Asda*

24. Striped duvet set - £34.99 from H&M*

25. Willow flower stems - £14.00 from Matalan.

26. Jasmine & Mimosa scented candle - £19.50 from Oliver Bonas*

27. Metal trunk - £76.00 from La Redoute*

28. Wild honeysuckle diffuser - £6.00 from Matalan. 

29. Plants print duvet cover - from £10.00 from Asda*

30. Eyelashes pillow case - £6.99 from H&M*

31. Marble & brass clock - £40.00 from Oliver Bonas*

32. Moon phases wall art - £75.00 from Oliver Bonas*













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Bathroom Wishlist | April 2018.

Bathroom Wishlist | April 2018.