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Things That Happened When I Moved Home For 10 Days.

Things That Happened When I Moved Home For 10 Days.

If you haven't seen me wanging on about it over on Insta stories, you might be forgiven for not knowing I've moved back to my childhood home for 10 days whilst my parents are away to house/cat sit. 

Now I've not been officially moved out of my parents house all that long, only since January but having my own place has definitely changed my mentality on coming home, whether it IS home or not anymore and what I love and not so much love about it - but that's a future blog post in the making. 

Here's a list of a few things that happened when I, a nearly 24 and a half year old actual adult human, lived alone in my childhood house for 10 days;

1. I survived my first (and second, third, fourth, fifth, six, seventh and eighth) nights completely alone. I've never spent a night anywhere without some other person in the house and turns out, I didn't get kidnapped a la Taken. 

2. I lived off tea and toast at the beginning cos turns out my parents don't just have a stock of things I like to eat just hanging about the house for when I bother to show up.

3. My Mum and Dad left and I immediately smashed my Mum's favourite glass. 

4. I just plain cannot keep the house phones charged. Every timed I looked at them at least one if not multiple were flat. 

5. My Mum asked me to feed the birds for her. They guilt tripped me all week by eating all their food immediately and then just pecking at the ground for more. They'll probably be obese by the time she comes home. 

6. The cat was thrown right out of whack and refused to come inside at night to go to bed. 

7. I locked myself out with all the windows locked and my keys in the inside of both the front and the back door. I had to break in using a trowel. I will elaborate no further. 

8. Nobody rang even though the house phone rings CONSTANTLY when my Mum is here. 

9. Those who did ring were call centres and all hung up on me when I said I wasn't the home owner and made me feel like a child like "Mummy's not here right now"

10. I babysat my niece twice and felt like I'd been hit by a truck when she'd gone. Toddlers are hard work when it's only you to manage them/control their sassy little tantrums. 

11. Every day I pulled onto the driveway and every day I swung up to my Dad's car and thought 'oh shit that was a bit close' 

12. I watched Game Of Thrones from the beginning again whilst simultaneously watching the new season. 

13. I worked exclusively in the living room on the sofa not in my actual designated office space. 

14. I had a chippy twice. 

15. I had homemade chips every other day. I am perfectly able to cook full and nutritious meals from scratch which I do, frequently in my own house. 

16. I had to look after my Mum's garden and the list for that alone was a side of A4 instructions on how not to kill anything. 

17. I shit myself on the first morning when I tripped over the cats bowl WHICH I HAD PUT THERE MYSELF.

18. Myself and a hedgehog scared the living daylights out of eachother when I turned around quickly and he was by my feet and I nearly stepped on it. He ran like a motherfucker. 

19. I had to ring my Mum on holiday to ask if I could eat a pie from frozen. 

20. I made myself a to do list of over 80 things and really expected to get them all done. If I've done half I'll be lucky. 













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