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8 Ways To Make Christmas Last Ages (Or A Few Extra Days At Least)

8 Ways To Make Christmas Last Ages (Or A Few Extra Days At Least)


So if you've read my post a few days back on why Christmas is the best time of the year then it'll come as no surprise that I like to make it last as long as possible. Sure it might be one date on the calendar but it starts December 1st we all know that. 

If you're also resembling Buddy the elf at this point in the week like I am then here's 8 ways to make it last as long as you possibly can - or at least longer than solely the 25th December. 

1. Advent.

Well we've started already haven't we? If chocolate every day for breakfast doesn't feel like you've started Christmas early than r u ok hun? To make the Christmas period last longer maybe plan an activity for every day of advent that is left - bonus points for increasing excitement for every activity. 

2. Start soon. 

Your best bet for making the period last longer is to start before the day itself, and preferably even sooner than the 23rd. Sure at the moment you might be thinking pal we're rapidly running out of days but starting soon is a sure fire way to make it last. Maybe take an evening to wrap al your pressies with a glass of something mulled and a festive film on the TV, maybe go for a drive round all the lovely lights round where you live - whatever it is, start immediately. 

3. Christmas Eve.

If you've run out of time and it's suddenly Christmas Eve and you haven't started your festivities yet then never fear - Christmas Eve is here! Making the most of the 24th really kicks off your party season so plan something exciting, get all the party food in or go out for a takeaway. Put your fav TV re run on, go to midnight mass, spend the evening in the pub, make sure you start celebrating proper the day before. 

4. Bed late. 

The most literal way of making Christmas last the longest - spend the most hours awake as possible. Christmas Eve should always be an early night because how do you expect Santa to deliver your gifts if you're still up but after that, midnight at the earliest is my motto. 

5. Rise early.

Specifically on the day itself. Joss' family are all about that lie on and a relaxing day and my family are very much not. Start Christmas early with a 7am or earlier wake up call and see if Santa has been and that way the day lasts hours and hours and hours. Ok so you might be knackered mid way through the afternoon, especially after your dinner but that's what a tactical nap in front of the Queen's speech is for amiright? 

6. Make plans. 

It's that age old idea isn't it? Planning stuff so you have something to look forward to. My Christmas is always full of these types of things with not a minute wasted. Make plans, make millions of plans, schedule in time with the fam, plan an evening out, plan an evening in, make ALL THE PLANS. By the time you're done you'll have so many plans they'll be lasting days. 

7. See everyone. 

Following on from the last one - this is my favourite thing about the count down to the 25th. This time of the year means making the time to spend with family, taking big long road trips to see cousins, having a house full of grandparents and siblings on Christmas day. One of those makeshift meals all crammed around the table with chairs from all over the house and everyone at different heights. It's when all your friends from all over the country, heck even the globe sometimes, come home back to the town you went to school in and you have cosy nights at the pub or in someone's house sprawled out on sofas in glittery jumpers and tights and I bloody love it. 

8. NYE. 

And once the big day is over there's always NYE to look forward to. Make the holidays last even longer by stretching out your plans from Christmas to New Years and every day in between. Catch up with those people you missed before the 25th, set yourself up in front of the fire with your new diary and a box of Roses and then plan your ideal start to 2018 ever. 

This year the festivities are starting on Friday 22nd for me with a visit from my Uncle and cousin who we only get to see a few times a year. The weekend will be full of cheer with a big catchup with some of my oldest pals in the world followed by Christmas Eve with Joss' family and gorging ourselves on party food. Christmas day itself I am splitting myself between both my family and Joss' and then extending the holidays for the week. Boxing day we do it all over again with my brother and his family and on the 27th I'll be having my FOURTH Christmas dinner of the week with my grandparents. The build up to New Years isn't set in stone but seems to revolve around turkey sandwiches, an evening in the pub and catch ups and then finally it's the end of the year and oh lord we're into the next one already. I hope your Christmas lasts just as long as mine is set to do! 
















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