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7 Ways To Spread Festive Joy Online.

7 Ways To Spread Festive Joy Online.


Christmas is a time for spreading festive joy and this year I think we're embracing it more than ever. I've seen more anti advents and good deeds for every day of December than I have gift guides and wishlists and this year I am extending the festive spirit to my online pals. 

The squad have a secret santa on the go (omfg I am so close to spoiling it) and I have cards on the way to bloggers all over the UK and now I have a tiny list of 7 lovely things you can do online to make someones Christmas. 

1. Retweet.

I mean it really doesn't have to be a lot to make a difference to someone's day does it? Retweeting someone's tweet takes all of 0.1 of a second but means someone else might see that tweet, someone else might read a blog post or have a convo. Retweet the promo link to a blog post you enjoyed, retweet a link to someone's Etsy shop, retweet a grid of someone's Instagram.....whatever it is, retweet it and make someone as happy as if they'd retweeted yours. 

2. Like. 

I'm talking specifically Instagram here. We all know the algorithm is killing us slowly one by one so it really is the smallest of action that can make the biggest impact this yuletide. Don't scroll past every image on your feed not engaging with anything, make sure you like and like a lot. Noticed there's one blogger you used to see all the time and never seem to see anymore? Seek them out, like their last 6 photos, make sure they appear on your grid again. 

3. Follow. 

You know when you just assume you're following someone only to find you're not? I am guilty of this all the time so this Christmas set aside 10 minutes to make sure you're following all those people on Bloglovin, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and whatever else takes your fancy. Chances are like me you're following someone on Bloglovin and Twitter and never realise you didn't complete the set with Insta. Boosting someone's following count is a lovely gift this year. 

4. Shout out. 

There's a lot of chat lately about how when big bloggers give a shout out to someone smaller (particularly on Insta at the mo) and they gain like 100000 followers. It's not a new thing, but it's like everyone is cottoning on to it and it's particularly popular right now. But whether you're own following is In The Frow sized or very much more my size, giving a shout out on Twitter or Insta or on your blog can make all the difference to someone else. I always gain followers when Megan drops me an Insta shout out and when the algorithm is breaking us all it's always a well recieved gift. 

5. Share. 

We are all guilty of this 100% no questions asked. When you read a great blog post or you see a hilarious tweet or find a banging Insta grid and you just appreciate and move on..... Stop. Doing. It. When you read a really great tweet just go and share it on Twitter for everyone else to enjoy too. When you see a hilarious tweet retweet the shit out of it. When you find that banging Insta feed pop it on your stories and let everyone else fall in love too. Share everything you enjoy in the build up to Christmas and make someone's day a lil brighter. 

6. Comment. 

I am awful for leaving comments and even more awful at replying to any of my own. I feel like we digest content so quickly we rarely spend time on it. We read it and move on, we see it on our feed and we like it and we keep scrolling past. Everything you digest this week (content wise, don't start leaving comments on your food) make sure you take the time to comment on it. Engage with Instagram, leave them comments, respond to the question they've posed. When you read a great blog post make sure to leave them a comment, and a properly heart felt one that shows you've read it not just 'great post here's my own link". 

7. Message. 

And if all else fails simply message someone to say merry christmas - it really might be what they need to hear today. 

And so I extend my Christmas online love sharing to you - the person reading this and spending a lil time on my humble corner of the internet. Thank you and merry christmas.
















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