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12 things that have happened since we last spoke

12 things that have happened since we last spoke

It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

Blogging has yet again taken a back seat in my life - the story of 2019 - but I have wanted to type and get back into the swing of things for ages now so I thought what better way than a little catch up with everything that’s been going on.

It’s been a good month since we last spoke properly, if you ignore my Easter decor blog post which was very much a photo diary whim post to record for my own future reading. So let’s have a catch up shall we?

1: Mop chop.


Back at the end of March, beginning of April time I spontaneously lopped me hair off on a Saturday evening. My Mum’s best pal cuts her hair for her so I popped over on a whim and invited myself for a hairdressing experience and had a few inches snipped off. I really liked having my ‘lob’ but it’s grown a fair bit in the last few months so with a few weddings coming up in May I decided to just go that extra bit shorter to let it grow out of that ‘fresh hair cut’ stage in time for looking top notch as a bridesmaid.

2: Booked my wedding.

Probably should’ve started with this news no? March and April have seen us make some big movements on our wedding by booking both the ceremony and the weekend bonanza to follow. I’ll probably do a proper blog post with all the details and how far down the planning timeline we are when we’ve actually invited our families and told our guests the date but we’ve paid the deposit on a local barn and holiday cottages for a weekend in February next year and been to give legal notice at our local registry office so we’ve got all the most important bits down.

3: Beach walks.

We kicked off the Easter bank holiday weekend with a sunny evening down the local beach with the dog and it was the best way to start a four day holiday. I finished work on that Thursday feeling like I was going off for 10 days, I as in such a fab mood so I grabbed the car keys and the lead and Joss and we got a chippy on the way and sat eating it in front of the sunset looking out over the coast.

4: Spent all my money on tickets.


At a time when I should be saving all my money for a wedding and when I have a million and one things I need to buy, I have of course spent my life savings (or £80 at least) on tickets. In the space of a couple of weeks I have booked my brother, my sister in law and I tickets to see Man United v AC Milan at the beginning of August, got given tickets to Wales v England in the rugby mid August and then booked tickets for my whole family to Wales v Ireland rugby at the end of August! Thoroughly looking forward to three weekends in the Millennium Stadium in the summer!

5: Easter long weekend.


You can catch up with my Easter decor post here but I had a fab long weekend. I spent Friday cleaning my house, I went to the supermarket and put up all the decorations and then on the Saturday we had my family over for an afternoon of pre Easter fun. I always decorate the house and have an Easter hunt for my niece and this year as well as an egg she also had crafts which we spent the afternoon doing before heading out the in garden. We topped off the day with a big party food kinda tea and a bubble bath full of toys before pjs and heading home for bed and it was fab.

6: Judgement Day.

Last weekend we took our annual trip to the Millennium Stadium for Judgement Day, an afternoon where all four Welsh regions play each other and you get tickets to both games for a tenner. We went with my brother and sister in law and Joss’ parents and we had a brilliant time as always.

7: Poorly pup.


This poor rogue has been through the ringer in the last month but he’s doing so good now it’s a ok to share. Scooby is 10 now and a few weeks ago started peeing overnight like he couldn’t control his bladder. I thought he was just old but after about a fortnight he also stopped eating as much over the weekend so Joss’ Mum took him to the vets thinking it was maybe diabetes or an infection but sadly it was a lot lot worse. It escalated to him going to a specialist hospital in Bristol for a few days and his diagnoses went down to ‘it’s a 2kg tumour set to kill him at any moment and it’s a case of take him home and make him comfortable’ but the little trooper keep powering through each test. In the end he had a huge operation and had his tumour and some lumps and his spleen removed (and lost a lot of weight in the process) and came home feeling very sorry for himself. But nearly a month on he’s looking good, feeling good and back to his normal self and it’s looking like the operation was a success and it looks like they’ve got it all.

8: Summer arrived (briefly).


Oh man these shorts. The weather over the bank holiday was just the dream wasn’t it and I took the very first opportunity to break out the sandals and the fake tan and was not mad about it. We spend Easter Sunday with Joss’ family every year and this year after dinner we went for a big family walk in the forest by the house with the dogs and it was bakkkking. Bank holiday Monday was spent at Mum’s with my fam and we had another Easter hunt for my niece and she had a new scooter and then I went to my pals in Caerphilly for dominos and a catch up in the sun.

9: Hen party.

I am a bridesmaid for my university flatmate next week and in April we spent a long weekend in Bristol for her hen party. I travelled over on the Friday after work and myself and the other bridesmaids slept at her house, had a lot of pizza and a big chinwag before bed. The Saturday was mad busy with an Escape Rooms (which my team got out of with 1 minute 30 seconds to spare) followed by a picnic in the park which was divine and then Laser Quest which I royally sucked at. After going home to get ready we headed back into town for a meal at Cosy Club followed by some drinks in Spoons and then a booth and a boogie at PopWorld before heading home in the early hours. Sunday was a hot mess of afternoon tea and eating lots of crisps and feeling not entirely human but it was a great weekend.

10: New specs.


I actually cannot remember when I picked up my glasses but I think it was some time around the end of March so probably counts as part of this list. I am still slightly miffed working full time in front of a screen for 8 months has worsened my eyesight that bad but I do like my specs and I feel a bit like a secretary in them so we’re cool.

11: The battle of Winterfell.


I mean, just Game of Thrones in general amiright?? I have been counting down the days until it was released again and am simultaneously so sad it’s going to be over soon but the new and final season has lived up to my every hope and dream and this week’s episode was just ridiculous. No spoilers here but I basically didn’t breathe for the whole 90 minutes and I didn’t feel entirely well when it was over but I am deffo going to rewatch before next week’s episode to revere in it’s magic again.

12: Double trouble.


And finally, the biggest smallest thing to happen in the last month comes in the form of this tiny one socked baby. This month the love of my life (sorry Joss) became a big sister and I became an auntie to two and the teeniest member of our girl gang was born at the end of March. She’s adorable and has slotted in quite nicely to the clan with a slightly dramatic entrance into the world and a lot of sick and smiles since and I think she’s pretty ace.

So if this doesn’t become a regular occurrence and I don’t get my blog back off the ground then I’ll see you in the next 6 weeks to do this all over again shall I? Tatty bye for now….

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Another failed promise to blog more

Another failed promise to blog more

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