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Feeling Festive & Missing Blogging.

Feeling Festive & Missing Blogging.

It’s been a minute huh?

I feel like I haven’t blogged consistently since I started my job back in July but looking back over the year I fell somewhat off the wagon back in April when I committed to ending my freelance career and started job hunting.

I feel a million miles away from my blog and the community and the friends I have made from it but actually, I am still desperate to stick at it. I’ve read loads of posts like this recently, about the death of blogging, about not finding the time to write, about considering jacking in their blogs and whether this is for them anymore.

I can relate for sure. Blogging has changed, our motives have maybe changed, our audiences have definitely changed and at times when you’re not writing for weeks on end it seems pointless to be paying for domain names and hosting and social media platforms. Life is busy, money is short, it makes sense if you don’t renew your Squarespace package.

But I am sure I am not going to close down my site in 2019. My blog is up for renewal in January and my illustration website in March and whilst I am pretty sure I am not shutting either down, I don’t really want to be paying nearly 200 quid on hosting.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to merge the two businesses….maybe I’ll transfer my illustration business to this site or maybe I’ll change my blog name and move it all to my real name. Maybe I’ll do neither option and find some other kind of amalgamation. I don’t have the answer yet but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I am keen for the Christmas break to come so I can give it some real planning.

My life is busy - hideously so. I haven’t stopped since I started my office job and I haven’t felt like I’ve slowed down for a second or had a decent break.

This Christmas sees 11 sweet, well needed days off and whilst I am filling them quickly, I have 2 or 3 days free with very little planned and oh man I am excited to potter about the house, come up with new ideas, plan my 2019 and hopefully - blog.

I had so many ideas for December for blog content, I had festive posts and gift guides and chats about office appropriate festive wear and long think pieces about the perfect day. But as always life got in the way, my lunch times have been filled, my evenings even more so and this time of year always ramps up with jobs and chores and social activities and whadda ya know, no new content.

I won’t be writing a November update of what I did in the month. I had every intention to do so but it’s 20 days into December now and somehow it feels a little redundant. Whether or not I manage to blog more, whether or not I get to write the stuff I want to write, whether or not I merge my websites or create something new, I’m trying my utmost and willing the time to type - and if I’m not here you can always find me on Instagram.

For now, till then, I am trying.

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