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Want To Guest Post On My Blog?

Want To Guest Post On My Blog?

Yes you read correctly, I am running an appeal for guest bloggers! 

On July 15th my parents and I and my boyfriend are leaving my brother and his girlfriend and daughter at home (he has work, soz guys) and going on a fortnight's little jaunt down to Sussex/Hampshire/Kent on a British summer break. 

In all honesty it's my parents holiday but me and my boyfriend are skint AF and can't afford to go somewhere hot so we're basically tagging along and taking our own car so we can stay in their cottage for free and then bugger off. We are really charming honest to god. 

Anyway, being away for a fortnight I don't really want to leave my blog and loose all my followers because I'm not posting and these hoes ain't loyal (soz I know you ain't hoes and I know you're loyal but hey, you take a Loyal reference when the opportunity arises.) I am going to schedule the odd post but realistically, I am going to be too busy before and after the holiday to get anything substantial done and apparently the cottage we are staying in is in the arse end of nowhere with, and I quote, 'limited wifi.' #prayforgwennan 


I had the genius idea (lol this is what everyone does) of guest bloggers. I really like the idea of having some of my favourite bloggers having a spot for a day on my blog because then I get to show case the people who I adore, the people I chat to on Twitter, the people I read on Bloglovin, the people who I genuinely call my social media friends but honestly, anyone who wants a spot or has read my blog but been too shy to say, I want you to blog for me! 

What's The Plan Then?

I'm away from the 15th July until the 29th so I want guest bloggers mixed in with my own scheduled blogs and I'm also thinking of having a few just after the hols when I haven't got anything planned but this is obviously due to demand. If 1378907598327586 of you lovely readers want to write something then I'll think about extending it and having a few guest bloggers a month or summin like that. 

Basically, I don't care what you blog about. If you have some content you want to showcase or an update on something you wrote on your own blog or a seasonal post or an introduction to yourself or something you've wanted to write that you can't somehow fit into your blog - whatever it is I don't mind! Obviously the content on my blog even if not written by me is a representation of me and my brand and my business so I have the last say on what's posted and have the discretion not to publish something so no hate or shaming or anything really negative and crappy plz. 

If you want to write a post for me please email me and let me know ASAP - you can email me at twentysomethingmeltdown@gmail.com

Once you've let me know you want a slot (there'll be one a day around my scheduling) you can get writing! Email me your blog post in whatever format is easiest for you, in the email, as a word document, whatever takes your fancy and I will reformat everyones to match my layout and my blog. 

Obviously I will be posting links to everyone's blogs and their social media on each post and I will also post a photo promo on Insta and a link to your content from my Twitter account as a huge thank you for keeping my blog going without me. 

I also need photos because a big chunk of text ain't no good to anyone so what I'm asking for is one promo photo (for Twitter/Instagram/blog photo) which can be anything from a selfie to your blog banner to a flatlay to a Pinterest graphic. Just make sure it's decent quality and high res and YOURS cos I don't need no copyright problems no thank you. And then a few photos to break up your text (minimum of 2) which is your discretion depending on what you write (altho high res, make sure it's yours yadda yadda yadda.)

I'll also be creating a schedule of who's posting and when which I will be emailing everyone taking part so you can see when you're up and also I think it'll be nice to see who else is involved and generally promote the fortnight because I just want it to be a way of showing off the people and the blogs I love. 

So if you're interested in posting, email me at twentysomethingmeltdown@gmail.com ASAP and I'll let you know the guidelines again and off you go on your merry way! 

Deadline for submissions will be Friday July 9th so I have enough time to format everyone's posts and get it all ready before I go away. 

Hoping to get a lot of emails from you beautiful humans! 




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