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Our Most Disappointing Products.

Our Most Disappointing Products.

Everyday we see plenty of reviews raving about the products that we all love, but have we ever considered all of the products that we’ve bought and detested? We took the time to rummage through our makeup drawers to give you our list of products that disappointed!

First thing’s first, we’re super excited to be doing our first ever guest blog, especially featuring on Gwennan’s blog! To introduce ourselves, our names are Amy and Billie, we’re both 19, and decided to start blogging in April. If in anyway you would like to have a look at our blog or would like to find out more about us after reading this post, you’ll find us at www.allureofagirl.wordpress.com.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

Amy - I bought this product thinking, perfect, a quick fix if your legs are looking a bit pale or if they've got some imperfections on them. OH HOW I was wrong! This product is usually around the £10 mark, hence why I have never tried it before. I usually use fake tan but it was half price in Superdrug the other week and I thought, why not? Upon spraying it onto my legs, my first reaction was how orange it was! It’s really not natural at all! I bought the ‘light glow’ because I'm really pale and it looked awful.

 Enough said.

Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner.

Billie – Finding a liquid eyeliner that stays on all day has actually become the world’s biggest challenge?! This is one of the latest ones that I’ve tried. If you have oily eyelids or find that your eyelids fold quite low when your eyes are open, I would definitely not recommend this product! The search for eyeliner worth re-buying continues, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or mention us on twitter! (@allureofagirl)

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume.

Amy - Similar to my Sally Hansen disappointment, I thought this product would be great because it’s Aussie and we all love their range of shampoo’s and conditioners! Again, I was totally, totally wrong. When spraying it in your hair, it left this awful feeling of dirt and grit in it. Also the dry shampoo was rubbish, it didn’t do what it’s meant to, which is to make your hair look so not greasy when you can’t be bothered to wash your hair. Ha, we all have them days. It also made my hair feel even more horrible and greasy than it was before. Avoid.

Collection Longer Lash Waterproof Mascara.

I’ll give this product credit where it’s due, it’s waterproof and does make your lashes longer, as it claims. Either I’ve just discovered that I have sensitive eyes, or this product is way too fragranced. My eyes strung/watered after applying the product and I also found it a little clumpy, but I literally picked it up really cheaply at the airport before going on holiday, so hey you get what you paid for, right?

Urban Outfitters Oyster Nail Varnish.

I was so happy when I saw this shade in Urban Outfitters. I was in New York and instantly fell in love with the nail varnish because I thought it was going to be such a cool metallic colour. Turns out, you can’t even see it when its on your nails. It literally goes clear. Complete failure.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes.

Billie- I’ve always been fond of the Real Techniques brushes, so when they announced their Bold Metals range I was so excited! I bought the Oval Shadow (200) and the Triangle Foundation (101).

My first impressions of these brushes were amazing – they’re literally so soft! The Oval Shadow brush was the first one to disappoint because for me, it’s a little too big. I, very unfortunately, have small eyelids, and therefore being able to blend with this brush was a little more difficult. However, one day I randomly had the urge to use this brush with my concealer, and it actually works a treat!

The Triangle Foundation brush was next to disappoint, as it began turning green and bristles started to fall out. I use the MAC Brush Cleanser to clean all of my brushes, and had never experienced this problem before, so luckily Real Techniques compensated me for this with a $20 voucher.

Thank you to Gwennan for having us on her blog, we hope you’ve all enjoyed reading! If you have any thoughts about any of the products, or have your own product disappointments to share, leave a comment or tweet us @allureofagirl

You’ll find our previous posts over at www.allureofagirl.wordpress.com, feel free to have a look for yourselves.


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