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So you might not know but #The100DayProject challenge is back and starts today! The challenge is based on Instagram and the idea is to get you doing something creative every day for 100 days with the added incentive of tracking your progress through photos on your grid. 

I haven't taken part before but I have taken part in #100HappyDays in 2014 and even did #365HappyDays in 2015 and I loved the Insta challenges! I was really keen to get involved this year with this challenge especially because it is to do something creative as my motivation has been pretty lacking lately so this is just the kind of thing I needed to get excited about! 

So it took me a little while to decide on what I wanted to do for my challenge. I would've liked to maybe do an illustration a day like a little illustrated diary of my few months but I knew that I would fail quite quickly because of my hectic life, I babysit twice a week at least, I am awake at 5.30am some days, I don't go to bed very early some days, I'll be away a few times in the 100 days...I just knew some days I wouldn't find the time. 

So I decided what my project would be the day I went to Bristol a fortnight ago. Snapping a quick shot of my leopard print shoes at the train station - I had a brain wave. Considering I DO have a busy life, I have decided I will be working on #100DaysOfStepping.

Bit of a weird hashtag I'll grant you but I think it'll work really well. Imagine a grid of 100 photos of my feet, in all my different pairs of shoes, in my slippers and socks at home, barefoot in the summer, in the car, in bed, at home, on holiday, shopping, walking, in the park...wherever I am, whatever the weather, come rain or shine. 

I think it'll create a really cool grid and a really cool diary of my 100 days. And it'll be much more achievable to complete too! 

So if you want to get involved, it isn't too late! It might be the first day so if you have an idea of what you'd like to do you can get started right away, or I'm sure you'll be forgiven if you start a few days late and play catchup when you've got a solid idea! 

Here's how to get involved! 

So I'm going to be posting on both my business and blog Instagram accounts and probably on Twitter too in the hope I'll expose my project to as many people as possible and also finding as many exciting projects from other people taking part. 

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram here and keep an eye out for my personal hashtag #100DaysOfStepping. 






Are you taking part in #The100DaysProject? What are you working on? Let me know in the comments! 




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