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Friday Favourites 30th September - 13th October 2017.

Friday Favourites 30th September - 13th October 2017.



You very nearly didn't have a Friday Favourites this week my loves. We've had a fun old evening this Friday because our bathroom decided it didn't like the paint we had on the walls and uhm, well it all kinda ran off. Turns out condensation wasn't it's friend so off we popped to B&Q and now I have bathroom paint to repaint the whole room tomorrow. Yay. 

As well as that the internet also decided it didn't want to play ball and basically that's my list of excuses on why this is being published so late tonight. But here we are anyway....

1. Married to a celebrity. 

So I missed this the first time round when it was on Channel 4 but they showed repeats recently and I *think* it's still on All 4 (previously 4OD)  and it's well worth catching up on. Basically it's a series of interviews with celebs and their partners where they separately list things that annoy them about their other half - and then they get back together and read the list together. There's all kinds of celebs on it, some with famous partners like Wayne and Frankie Bridge and Steph and Dom but others like Freddie Flintoff, Jon Richardson and Chris Ramsey have wives I've not seen before and holy hell it was funny. A lot of the bug bears are very relatable and we were proper belly laughing through it so if you can find it online I thoroughly recommend you do. 

2. New house. 

Completely unrelated picture but how nice to have weather sunny enough to wear plaid shirts and jeans and converse not like 10 layers (no matter how much I love that too). Anyway, my brother and his family have bought a house and got the keys this fortnight so we've spent both weekends at their new place having a nosey around and talking all kinds of new house talk like floorboards and wallpaper and tile choices. It's so nice to see them decorate my niece's room and make plans for the garden and I'm excited for them and for the memories we'll all have of that house. We also went into the attic and found some, uhm, more seedy items in a bag up there which had us screaming with laughter (and pretty thankful that our parents weren't visiting that day). 


3. Garden Centre.

It seems like ages ago but last week we took my niece to a local garden centre as my Mum had vouchers to spend and plants to buy so we dragged the toddler along too. She's been before (she calls it the centre shop) and she loves it there because there's a pet section and a fish section so she had a great time. We've been really focusing on her manners lately and she was SO good when we were there saying "Auntie Gwennan, please may we go down the ramp again" and "oh thank you" when I let her. It is SO cute to take her out, especially when she's being such a delight and she also said goodbye to Polly and Geoff - the parrots we met. 


4. Pumpkin Dreams. 

Last week in Morrisons I snapped up two pumpkins for a mere 70p each to start our Halloween decorating at home. Sadly I was a bit pre emptive and uhm, they started to rot so shame shame we have to buy some new ones next week. I know, it's a hard life spending £2.80 on pumpkins. I was v pleased with my purchase and these lil babies joined me on my journey home in the best way possible. Fav selfie ever. 


5. Date day. 

On Saturday Joss and I spent the wettest morning in a local farmers market in the pissing rain selling very little cider. It was soaking, it was very very cold and we were pretty miserable but we'd planned the most exciting afternoon ever. After a quick trip to my brother's new house (when we found the unsightly items) we went to town and went on a Halloween shop. Joss' family go big for Halloween, I've never done much for it but they get out a box of decorations and light all the candles and carve pumpkins and well, the bug got me. Joss wanted to get decorations for our house now we have our own place so off we dutifully went to stock up. We went to Wilko, B&M, the Range and Tesco and we got LED tealights, a big glittery spidersweb, glow in the dark door stickers, pumpkin tealight holders, a big pumpkin garland, fairy lights (with pumpkins on) and tinsel (with pumpkin on). We then celebrated our success with a meal at Harvester and then went home to decorate and light alll the lights. It was bloody lovely. 

6. Drunk squad. 

Bloody hell this still makes me laugh. Last week lovely Hannah got a lil bit tipsy and was Whatsapping the squad and unknowingly drunkenly posted a spoiler for the Bake Off - something we weren't watching live and had promised we wouldn't spoil. It descended into madness, I can't even remember what we talked about but christ alive I laughed and laughed and this was a particular highlight for all of us I know. 


7. Domesticated god. 

Note I said god not goddess. One day this week I came home to find a new Halloween decoration on the front door - and that was the first of many surprises. Joss had gone Halloween mad in my absence and had nicked loads of new decorations from his Mum's collection so suddenly as well as a trick or treat sign on the door we also now have more tealight holders, a witches hat ornament, a pumpkin wicker pot, some little wind up toys and 3 dancing skeleton ornaments. His Mum also bought us a BIG wreath full of witches hats and glittery shoes and broomsticks which is way too big for our front door and is currently on our hallway window. And then to top it off the boy had only gone and learned to make pumpkin pie which had just come out of the oven when I got home. No I don't know what happened to him either. 


8. Cosmeston Lakes. 

On Wednesday in a break in the rain my Mum and I took my niece to Cosmeston Lakes, a local country park where they filmed things like Merlin. It's huge but with a 2 year old in tow we never get much further than the playground (which we raced to and is there anything sweeter than a baby getting puffed out from too much running). We were only out a few hours but she had a great time, we had a lot of fresh air which is always welcome and it's one of our fav places so it was nice to be back. When I got her back in the car she said "I'm tired, must have been all that running" and promptly fell asleep....


9. Christmas post. 

When the biggest boxes arrive by courier on my doorstep I know Talking Tables have sent me something and today was no different. TT and I have been discussing Christmas for a week or so now and today the dreamiest set of goodies arrived and flippin heck it got me feeling festive. I'm not going into what we have planned or what I received because #spoilers and there's going to be loads of content in the run up to Christmas but rest assured it's amazing. Now I just need to get my Christmas tree out......


10. Weekend away. 

It's been a busy ol' day mini break wise. Since we went to Dorset with my parents in August we've been planning a weekend away back there because we just didn't get enough time. Joss went to the Tank Musuem with my Dad one day, somewhere I've been a million times and he didn't get to see it all so seen as you gets a years free entry when you pay once, we said we'd go back. We've finally got round to booking a hotel in November for two days on our own for a festive getaway and then one night with Joss' Dad joining us so they can go to the tank museum together. He'll enjoy it much more with his Dad than me and I've been loads so I'm quite excited for a day somewhere in Dorset on my todd. 


11. Weekday away. 

And if that wasn't enough I went and booked a mid week trip at the end of November as well. I am finally going to go to Manchester to see this beauty again and for the first time - her lil baba and my godson. He'll be 3 months old by the time I finally meet him and I am itching for alllll the cuddles and of course to see his Mum and I'm buzzing for Ikea trips and Primark and Christmas markets and a few more baby cuddles thrown in for good measure too. 


12. Emergency babysitting. 

And to finish on a humorous little note - my niece again. Yesterday I was called over to her other grandmother's house because a million and one circumstances meant she either needed to attend appointments she definitely would have been bored in or she would have been left home alone which for a 2 year old is not advised. So I was drafted in as emergency support and we spent the afternoon playing, reading books, eating toast and she checked me over with her medical kit. She listened to my chest and proclaimed "Oh! Your heart is coming out!" which was a little shock to the system but she apparently cured me so alls well that ends well. 


Don't forget little loves it's my birthday on Tuesday so you'll need to send my present first class next day if you haven't popped it in the post already......













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