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9 Mid Week Favourites

9 Mid Week Favourites


How I found the time to redesign my blog, merge my businesses, relaunch my social media accounts and blog for a whole week is beyond me when all of a sudden it’s been two weeks and I haven’t posted a single thing.

With that in mind and a free hour catching up on a Made in Chelsea from November (I am v far behind with my TV viewings) I thought I’d whizz a post out with a few of my Wednesday favs from the last coupla weeks.

Spring Sunshine;

Yes ok sure if I really thought about it then no, nobody wants to be seeing 20 degrees in February because it’s a stark reminder of the shit show the planet is going through at the mo but I have to say the change in the weather really lifted me. I by no means think my mental health is directly linked to the weather but it was amazing what a few days of sunshine did for my all round wellbeing.

The last week of February this year was a hell of a contrast to the beast from the east of last year and the sun streaming through my windows made me feel like winter was truly done and dusted and the spring had arrived. I love a light evening, leaving work when the sun is setting and driving home before it gets dark. I love spring cleaning my house when it’s sunny outside and getting the laundry on the washing line without it developing frostbite and throwing all the windows open to let the fresh air in. I even drove to a local retail park on a lunch hour to return some ill fitting dungarees (loved them, just not on me) and I had the windows down and my sunglasses on and didn’t even need to wear a coat and it was blissful. Much more of that to come please.

Continued Employment;

I passed my probationary period at work back at the end of January but it wasn’t until March the first that I had my official appraisal and new contract with my confirmed continued employment. I feel so settled in the office that it’s hard to remember only 7 months ago I was working freelance full time and it’s been easy to fall into the trap of feeling comfortable and settled at work.

Having not worked in an office before I actually found the build up to my appraisal a bit nerve wracking but I actually really enjoyed the experience and having the chance to think about my role in the company, and have the platform to discuss the business with the director and put my ideas forward on how we could change or improve things. Plus it’s always nice to be told you’re actually doing well at your job and you can continue to work there and get yo dollah every month.

Fresh Blooms;

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking. Just about as groundbreaking as using that as your insta caption every time you upload a photo of some flowers. But I like many of the world around me have fallen hook line and sinker for the spring blooms that have been appearing in the supermarket for cheap and I have to say, as cliché as it is, it makes such a difference to my house.

Back in the middle of February my Mum bought me a super colourful bunch of tulips as a thank you and since then I haven’t really stopped restocking my vase. I’ve currently got a simple arrangement of gypsophila on my kitchen table but before that it was a cycle of fresh daffodils which are a quid in Tesco that brightened up each room they were moved to.

Midi Skirts;

The fashion trend I didn’t know was for me has taken over my life.

I have read Hannah Gale’s blog for years and I have heard her proclaim all love for the humble midi skirt for years but I never ever thought it was one for me. I have always professed to not be a dresses or a skirts kinda gal - stick me in jeans any day I said and I will be happy but if I was pushed to buy one it would absolutely be a skin tight a line short as short number. Preferably in tartan.

However, office jobs where the dress code is smart doesn’t allow for the uniform of breton tees and skinnies that freelance life had made me accustomed to and on a whim in a panic in Tesco one day I bought a stripey midi skirt and the rest, as they say, is history. The love affair had well and truly started. Now I realise they are THE skirt for me and for my body shape, plus making me look a bit more put together and formal and make me feel like the baddest bitch when I’m strutting about town in one with a biker jacket on top. I am now the proud owner of a variety of prints (including a very jazzy red leopard print one) but I am waiting till next pay day to pop this one ** into my basket as a potential start to an outfit for a wedding I’m attending in May.

**This item is an affiliate link. To see what that means please read my disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

March Meet the Maker;

My fav creative hashtag is back and I am joining in this year on Insta stories after not having the time last year and properly feeling the fomo. Created by Joanne Hawker, it’s a monthly challenge (set in March obvs) of prompts to help you introduce your business, who you are and what you do and share a bit of behind the scenes info. Since I merged my businesses I have tried to follow more creative types and primarily illustrators over on my ‘blog’ insta and it’s making my feed feel so much more inspiring and different.

I am sharing my updates on Insta stories every day and adding them to a special #marchmeetthemaker highlight which you can see if you follow me but if you want to take part yourself or just see what everyone else is up to then I really recommend giving the hashtag a follow.

Short Hair Don’t Care;

I had my hair cut off on a whim back at the beginning of January but it’s only in the last fortnight or so that I feel like I’ve really found my groove with it. I had about 6 inches chopped off and I have always looooved my hair long but it was getting straggly, and more importantly was so. freaking. static all the time it was driving me insane.

Cue a ‘can you just cut it all off’ to my Mum’s bestie on a Saturday night and now I am the proud owner of a 'lob’. She hacked it off all at one length and I bloody love it. It’s so much easier to wash, it feels healthier for the chop and is nowhere near as static and it’s grown slightly all in one go to that proper blunt rough cut that I have always admired on other people. Now the night before work I pop it in two super loose braids, sleep on it and then take them out in the morning without brushing it. Et voila - my ideal messy hair chop.


If you paid attention to the Made in Chelsea update from earlier then you will know I am far far behind on all my reality TV. However, Joss and I are managing to just about keep up with stuff we watch together and the thing we’re most enjoying most is Shetland on BBC.

Only the current season is on iPlayer at the mo but you’re bound to be able to find the boxset somewhere but on the whole you can get along just find dipping in at the beginning of the series. There’s limited references to past series backstories and Joss has only watched the last two seasons with me and got on with it fine.

It’s a gritty murder mystery kinda show set in some of the most rugged landscapes in Scotland and whilst it’s edging toward the Midsummer Murders kinda vibe where you think how many MORE people can die on these islands before they start to question themselves, it’s gritty and it’s tense and you rarely work out the storyline before it’s playing out in front of you.

Ikea Bedding;

Last week we took an evening trip down to Ikea in Cardiff for a few bits and bobs and excuse for a meal out nearby. We bought some crockery we needed and some presents for people but I did also pick up a grey duvet cover for the spare room.

It sounds nothing fancy and it’s not in many ways, it’s a dark grey set for a double bed, cost us about £20 but as soon as I put it on the bed I fell in love. I picked it up because I wanted something dark for when the dog jumps on the spare bed when he’s muddy (if you saw my Insta stories, then you know) but it’s really decent quality, cosy material and so so soft I feel jealous of the spaniel. I matched it with our light grey ‘rise and shine’ pillow covers, a pink Ikea throw I got at the tail end of last year and some pink cushions and omg my new favourite set up. I keep going into the spare room just to admire it.

Future Planning;

I have got an incredibly busy few months ahead of me kicking off this March and lasting well into the middle of May and amongst all the chaos and inevitable burn out I know it’s going to be SO good.

In the next 8-10 weeks there’s wedding planning, Joss’ birthday, 60th birthdays, 21st birthdays, new babies in the family, Super Saturday, a weekend in Manchester, a weekend in Bristol, two hen dos, Easter and the weddings of one of my besties and Joss’ brother. We have so much going on, every weekend is full and most weekdays too but I am excited for it all and all the lovely things we have going on - plus I am already booking weekends away in the summer and meybs some flights to see my CPH pals again plz.

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Items marked with an * are affiliate links which means if you purchase an item using it, I will earn a few pennies commission at no extra cost to you.

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