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Friday Favourites 14th - 20th May 2016

Friday Favourites 14th - 20th May 2016

So you might have seen I went away this week so expect it to feature as heavily in this post as heavily as it did on my Instagram. Soz not soz (it was so sunny and beautiful!) 

I am actually away again at the end of this coming week so be prepared for that in upcoming Friday favs and bear with my crappy social media interaction! 

1. Eurovision. 

Was it already nearly a week ago that the country was settling down in front of the TV and whacking on Eurovision for a night of partying, drinking and flag waving? I bloody love Eurovision and have since I was a kid and every year I spend it with my brother. This year however he has a baby and a family and so he was with them and I was on my todd so I didn't think it'd be that great but as usual the Euromadness didn't disappoint. I texted my brother throughout and I live tweeted the whole event as did most of the blogging community and it was HILARIOUS. Definitely doing it the same way next year. 

2. Super Sunday. 

Every Sunday my boyfriend works 7am - 11pm so I (as someone who hates Sundays) normally use it as an excuse to get shit done. I get up at 5.30am with him and I drive home and then I spend the day working hard and generally trying to tick everything off my to do list. This Sunday was especially prevalent because I was away in the week and needed to get everything sorted for that and I am pleased to report I had one of them days where you get EVERYTHING done in super speed and feel all productive and like you maybe could give Beyonce or Gigi Hadid a run for their money. 

3. Wrexham. 

Well it had to be in there somewhere didn't it? You might have seen because I spammed my Intsa feed with it but I went back to my old uni town of Wrexham this week, just for one night to spend some time with my besties and catch up and generally reminisce about how good it was and how much we miss it. Cute. 

This is not the first time we've done this trip since we finished (a year ago this weekend waaaah) and so we have fallen into a tradition of sorts. This time I drove to uni seen as I have a car and it was SO worth the 9 hour round trip (I actually love a road trip and thoroughly enjoyed the drive even when I hit rush hour on the way back). We went to Ty Mawr country park and had a picnic of sandwiches and fruit and cookies and went for a wander by the river and got sunburnt. We went for tea in Frankie & Benny's and got 20% off with a student discount that shouldn't still be valid. We chilled out in the hotel sprawled out on the beds watching crap tv and eating lots of crisps and chocolate. We lazed about until check out the following day and went for a Spoons dinner and went shopping and spent all our money in Primark and the whole 24 hours was just good for the soul. Bloody love that town, bloody love those friends. 

4. Primark Haul. 

Absolutely one of the best things of any week amiright? Being uhm low on income at the mo, spending money on clothes and getting involved in a proper haul is not all the frequent in my life and that's what made this one a fav of this week. All the items in the photographs are from Primark and I think you can probably see my theme for the summer coming into play - stripy shirts and ripped up jeans are basically my uniform at the moment. 

Oh FYI I went into Primark for slippers which I forgot and for sandals which I replaced for black boots. Lol summer life. 

5. Welcome Home. 

Because I went away for 2 days and the hours I was away/my boyfriend was working we didn't actually cross paths for 4 days (can I remind you we live together). When we did actually get to see eachother last night he came home with this bunch of flowers that I'd been eyeing up in Tesco which was a pretty cute welcome home. I think he had missed having someone around to cook his tea at 11.30pm!!

So that was my week, next week I have a lot planned because I'm going away again so my to do list is the length of my arm and I'm hoping I get all the productivity mojo back in my life to get it done! 

See ya on the flip side lovelies! 





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