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What To Wear For A Summer Wedding If You Hate Dresses & Skirts.

What To Wear For A Summer Wedding If You Hate Dresses & Skirts.


Ah it's wedding season again. It's that time of the year where your relatives and friends are all tying the knot and suddenly you find yourself at a different wedding every weekend of the Summer. Whether you're invited to the ceremony or just the evening do, chances are you've found yourself needing a new outfit. 

But what if like me, dresses and skirts just don't suit you? What if the thought of spending all day pulling down a hem on a lace number that makes you feel uncomfortable is your idea of hell? If the dilemma between bare legs or tights is too much for you? You my friend are not alone. 

I don't suit dresses and skirts, it was a miracle this week I found TWO yes two that looked halfway decent but honestly I was so hot I didn't give AF how I looked. I hate dresses and skirts, stick me in a pair of jeans and I am what the fuck do I wear to a Summer wedding? 

I have a family wedding coming up in July and I decided this time I just simply could not spend another day in a dress that made me feel shit, worrying about it before hand and spending X amount of money on something I'd never wear again. So I started looking in the shops for alternatives; and the high street didn't let me down. 

I ended up creating a wedding guest outfit out of Primark separates and if you think some of the jumpsuits in this wishlist are a bit pricey? When I added up everything I bought for the wedding it came to 80 quid.... If like me dresses and skirts aren't your thing than a jumpsuit or trouser suit might just hold the key to your happiness. 


My Alternative Wedding Guest Outfit Rules;

  • Separates means you're more likely to wear the individual items again - cost per wear is super effective here. 
  • You're going to have to brave heels. Wearing trousers to a wedding puts you on the smart casual border and a pair of heels are going to keep you safely on the smart side. 
  • Lace and florals will always be a winner for summer weddings. 
  • If you've got tailored trousers go for a floaty top. 
  • If you've got wide leg trews go for a tighter fitting top. 
  • Max on on statement necklaces and earrings.
  • Clutch bag always. 
  • Try everything on. Tailored trousers always seem to come up small size wise for me and I always have to upsize. 
  • You can't go wrong with nude, baby pink or duck egg blue. 
  • Make sure you can sit down and dance in whatever you buy. 

1. Lilac Lace Butterfly T Shirt - £29.99 from New Look. 

2. Yellow Patent Pointed Court Shoe - £19.99 from New Look. 

3. Jasmine Floral Wide Leg Jumpsuit - £25.00 from BooHoo. 

4. Adana Tie Waist Slim Fit Trouser - £22.00 from BooHoo. 

5. White Floral Print Bardot Bodysuit - £19.99 from New Look. 

6. Poker Asymmetric Heels - £15.00 (down from £30.00) from ASOS.

7. Martha Wide Leg Trouser - £12.00 from BooHoo. 

8. Olivia Premium Floral Tailored Trouser Suit - £55.00 for both from BooHoo. 

9. Mini Gem Tassel Earrings - £6.00 from ASOS. 

10. Duck Egg Blue Jumpsuit With Lace Bodice - £50.00 from ASOS. 

11. Asymmetric Snake Clutch Bag - £10.00 from ASOS. 

12. Emily Faux Suede Knotted Clutch - £10.00 from BooHoo. 

13. Olive Green Sateen Wide Leg Trousers - £17.99 from New Look. 

14. Lipsy Off The Shoulder Ruffle Floral Print Top - £30.00 from ASOS.

15. Naomi Belted Wide Leg Woven Trousers - £18.00 from BooHoo. 

16. Eva Dark Floral Off The Shoulder Top - £15.00 from BooHoo. 

17. Smokey Pink Jumpsuit With Lace Bodice - £50.00 from ASOS. 

18. Missguided Tie Waist Cigarette Trousers - £28.00 from ASOS. 

19. Ivy Perforated Clutch - £14.00 from BooHoo. 

20. Cream Lace Butterly Top - £29.99 from New Look. 

21. Tall White Mesh Lace Detail Top - £22.99 from New Look. 

22. Faith Cut Out Earrings - £5.00 from BooHoo. 

23. Statement Gemstone Drop Earrings - £15.00 from ASOS.

24. Pale Blue Bandage Bardot Top - £17.99 from New Look. 

25. Pink Sequin Flower Box Clutch - £24.99 from New Look. 

26. Miss Selfridge Belted Wide Leg Trouser - £35.00 from ASOS. 

27. Adjustable Strap Orchidea Jumpsuit - £70.00 from ASOS. 

28. Gracie Floral Print Off The Shoulder Coulette Jumpsuit - £20.00 from BooHoo. 

29. Jessica Metal Lock Detail Clutch Bag - £14.00 from BooHoo. 

30. Lucy 2 Part Block Heel - £25.00 from BooHoo. 

31. Blue Floral Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit - £29.99 from New Look. 

32. Cubic Zirconia Flower Drop Earrings - £9.99 from New Look. 

33. Pale Blue Slim Leg Cropped Trousers - £17.99 from New Look. 

34. White Floral Print Cropped Trousers - £19.99 from New Look. 

35. Kelly Statement Diamanté Earrings - £6.00 from BooHoo. 

36. Lucy Pointed Glitter Sole Court - £25.00 from BooHoo. 

37. Grey Embroidered Floral Clutch - £12.99 from New Look. 

38. Beach Shell Clutch Bag - £28.00 from ASOS.

39. Bright Pink Satin Tuxedo Jumpsuit - £16.00 (down from £34.99) from New Look. 














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