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Social Media Stats: September 2016

Social Media Stats: September 2016

If you get any blog posts whilst I'm away in Wrexham this week it'll be a flippin miracle. 

I thought after my manic week I'd have a relaxing weekend before I went away but of course no. Maybe this is just the way October is going idk? 

Let's crack on with it pals. 


1. New Monday, New Goals. 

My most popular post this month was none other than a Pinterest quote. I think I posted this some time at the beginning of the month, on a Monday no less. There is something about quotes on a Monday and a Friday that people just love and I think it's because of the common ground, we're all feeling the same. This one I particularly liked, I actually quite enjoy a Monday, I find Tuesdays a much more miserable day on the whole. I like Mondays because 1. I don't have a set job so if I don't want to work on a Monday I don't have to and 2. I like the idea of a fresh shiny new week. Hence this quote appealed to me. I like that a Monday means it's all change and a crappy week or a rubbish weekend can be lifted by a fabulous new Monday. 

2. City Centre Architecture. 

I only posted this last week but I went for a dreary rainy day wander through Cardiff city centre and took a whole bunch of photos. I always think places like London have the most beautiful buildings and fixtures but this week I made the effort to look a bit closer and what's at home. This one was my particular favourite so I'm glad it did well on Instagram too. I was standing outside a kitchen shop not far from the castle waiting for my Mum as my niece was asleep in the buggy and I didn't want to risk taking her in and waking her. I was absentmindedly pushing her up and down the street and happened to glance up and saw this beauty of a shop front with all the little flowers on. 

3. Blogosphere Mag. 

So I've mentioned this a fair amount recently but if you aren't already subscribing to Blogosphere you should be. Written by bloggers for bloggers about bloggers and blogging, it's a fabulous publication. So I ordered my copy a fortnight or so ago because some tweets of mine were in it (did I mention that already?) and when it arrived I naturally put a photo up with my brew and whadda ya know, people dig it. 

I'm going to do a whole post on why I succumbed to an Instagram theme separately this month but it's definitely making a big difference. 


Will I ever get back to the elusive month of June? That was a remarkable month for Twitter and I have been steadily building up to it since I went on holiday in July. Every month I start with good intentions and plan to schedule loads and tweet live loads and be really active in chats but inevitably something always comes in the way, life always throws up something that puts it way down on my list of priorities and my stats and my blog suffer for it. 

This month I tweeted about 150 times less than in August so I am only to blame for my own stats. I had around 126K impressions which is 36K less than last month but had near enough the same amount of profile visits which is cute. I had 400 less mentions than in August which can be explained by my lack of chats and is something I really want to work on again over October. That being said I had 269 new followers taking me over the elusive 2K (and then 100 more) which is 109 more new followers than I had in August. I genuinely think the more followers you get, the quicker they grow, I know I've found it to be true anyway. 


1.5K Followers in August. 

2K Followers in September. 

I just think this is going to be a thing now. I don't really do anything to my Pinterest, I just leave it be and it grows by at least 500 followers a month, if not more. Honestly it's just those few viral pins, they keep me going those little babes. Oh and I now get an average of 1,440,000 impressions per month. 


218 Followers in August. 

260 Followers in September. 

Oh the bane of my existence is Bloglovin. I have mentioned before I find it impossible to grow any kind of following on there and I think because most of my referrals are from social media, I think people tend to read actually on my blog rather than via the app. I have tried to find out if I can have a link to my Bloglovin on the top bar of my blog but alas Squarespace doesn't play ball so I am at a loss as to what I can really do to grow this app. 

Google Analytics;

In August I had 33,289 pageviews in 21,234 sessions from 18,312 unique users. 

This month I hit 100k overall pageviews, something I had in mind for the end of the year and I'm hoping to hit 150K by the end of this month. In September my stats fell a little because I had a few days where I couldn't schedule or blog but all in all I was pretty happy that on the whole I left it be and still got over 1000 pageviews a day. 

My stats were 31,988 pageviews in 21,052 sessions from 18.243 unique users. Not half bad I thought. 

Give me a follow, drop me a line, I am a sociable little bean really and quite nice. 

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