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How To Tell You're Turning Into Your Parents.

How To Tell You're Turning Into Your Parents.

How To Tell You're Turning Into Your Parents.

How To Tell You're Turning Into Your Parents.

The older I get and the further into my twenties I fall, the more I recognise I do things and say things similar to my parents. 

Here's how to tell if you're turning into YOUR folks. 

1. You say 'Oh YOU'RE WELCOME' obnoxiously loudly if someone doesn't say thank you when you hold a door open for them. 

2. You only buy branded items at the supermarket when they're on offer and stock up on so many the offer isn't worth it. 

3. You enjoy seeing your savings account balance rise more than you enjoy shopping. 

4. The idea of clubbing on a Friday night in a city centre makes you grimace. 

5. You watch nature documentaries out of choice. 

6. When driving you say phrases like 'Back on your side of the road thank you' and 'JESUS slow down' to other road users. 

7. You can't remember the last time you had a McDonalds but ca pin point exactly when you last went to a restaurant and what you ordered and what the wine was like. And the decor. 

8. You have a look at the little signs in the super market to see if the pack of 12 crisps is better value for the price per 100 grams than the 6 pack.

9. Your google history is less 'how do I boil an egg' and more 'houses for sale in my area.'

10. When you go to town on a haul you end up coming home with more candles, stationery and homeware than clothes, bags and shoes.

11. You have had to google what some slang you saw on the internet means. 

12. When you do happen to be in a city centre late at night you look at all the fresh faced 18 year olds and pray they put some more clothes on and go home soon because bloody hell it's freezing and they'll catch a cold tonight. 

13. You hold up as many fingers as the speed limit when someone over takes you in a 30 or 40mph zone. 

14. You forgo buying items in Primark because you know although they are cheap they won't last and investing in clothing is a smart move.

15. You have a Pinterest board for life hacks and you will actually be using them.  

16. You google the menu of a restaurant before you arrive 'just in case'. 

17. You have an actual factual physical map in your car not just a Sat Nav. Although you have one of them too because you can never be too careful. 

18. You always carry an emergency chocolate bar in your coat pocket, handbags and upon your person at all times. 

19. You would rather stay in on evenings instead of go out and have your weekend hangover free for long walks in the country and lunch in a pub.

20. You regret the signature you have formed for yourself and you curse your inner child for not practicing imaginary signing more cos now you are stuck with this monstrosity.  

21. In your boot at all times is a blanket, a torch, a first aid kid, de-icer, a scraper and an emergency pack of food. 

22. You don't trust Apple Pay or contactless cards. 

23. You have a book with everybody's birthdays written in, an address book, a stack of 'just in case' cards, a permanent stash of wrapping paper for every occasion and always have a stamp in your wallet. 

24. You are actually a dab hand at DIY and shock horror you actually quite enjoy it. 

25. Nothing, NOTHING beats a good cup of tea to put the world to rights. 


What do you do that makes you think you're prematurely middle aged? Let me know in the comments!




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