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Friday Favourites 7th -13th May 2016

Friday Favourites 7th -13th May 2016

Friday Favourites 13th May 2016

Friday Favourites 13th May 2016

So can we please be a bit British and talk about the weather a minute here? A fortnight ago the North and London had snow and then last weekend we had picnics and BBQs and went to the beach and higher temperatures than parts of Spain and then the beginning of this week it pissed it down and we had flood warnings? Like really? Make yo mind up Mother Nature. 

That being said, weather aside I've had a pretty lovely week and as you read this I'll be zooming off down the South Wales motorway to see some extended family and kick off the weekend right.*

*unless you're reading this like next week. 

1. My Anniversary. 

Yes yes you might have seen on social media it was my anniversary on Saturday. Me and my boyfriend have officially spent 6 years together and he had a rare day off so we went out to celebrate. We didn't do anything massively exciting because 1. Poor and 2. He rarely has days off so catching up on sleep was factored in. We went to Cardiff, we had a TGI Fridays which was delightful, we went shopping and we watched some films at home. It was a really nice day and it was just nice to have some time off! 

2. Tiger Homeware. 

Whilst we were in Cardiff last weekend I popped into Tiger as any sane person would do (it's opposite Primark in Cardiff, the best marketing ever) and I stocked up on some fineliners for my bullet journal and had a mooch around the homeware. Tiger are KILLING it at the moment and I could only wish I wash richer because I would have bought so much! Pastels, glassware, planters, white gloss, marble...it's all beautiful and I need to go back when I'm richer!

3. Hand Written Post.

It is no secret that I am a fan of handwritten post. I LOVE getting letters, I love getting post and I have signed up to the Nice Message Chain so it was a super lovely surprise to come home last weekend and find a floral envelope waiting on my doorstep with a familiar handwriting. My boo Stacey Jacqueline  sent me a beautiful handwritten letter on THE loveliest writing set and she made me a little tag which is now on my notice board. I love post like this and it was the cutest thing to receive and now I get to write back and be pen pals with someone I used to see everyday.

4. Blogging Printables & Ideas.

So I wrote a little bit a few weeks back about how I had my illustration/design/business mojo back and then well.....it kinda went again. I dunno, I think the more my blogging takes off the less time I have for illustrating and the less inspired I feel and the less money I am making! Thankfully this week my mind has gone into overdrive after my blog post on my Bullet Journal and people left me such nice comments and a lot of them were based on 'I wish mine could look that pretty' or 'I will probs have to steal the doodle page' and that got me thinking. So I have loads of ideas and I have been brainstorming like mad and I am working on a whole load of new products from printables to notepads to pencils to stickers so keep an eye on my Etsy for the release (I'll obvs be promoting it LOTS on social media). 

Oh and heres a sneak peek of some pencils I have in!

5. Love Where I Live. 

I've had my niece a few times this week so we've taken the opportunity when there's been a break in the rain to get the buggy out and go for a walk because she just loves to be out. Living where I live I don't exactly need to go far to see some beautiful views that make my Insta grid 30284097238375 times better AND my mum's garden is in full bloom too so that is looking glorious (even if my hayfever is screaming at me to stay indoors).

So this weekend I am seeing some family and getting ready for my trip to Wrexham next week by scheduling blog posts and getting work finished and boring things like packing and checking my car for a long journey. Hope you have a beautiful weekend all! 




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***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printables.

***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printables.

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