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Things Girls Do But Don't Like To Admit.

Things Girls Do But Don't Like To Admit.

Some might call us lazy, others might call us efficient. Some might call us gross, others might call us down to earth. We might do some questionable things sometimes, but we’re definitely not alone.. and we shouldn’t be afraid to share with the world our quirky habits. 

Here is a far from exhaustive list of the things many girls do regularly…

1. Paint over the top of chipped, already painted, nails.

When you’re in a rush, or sometimes when you’re not in a rush you’re just plain lazy – sorry efficient, taking off nail polish only to put some straight back on again is just straight up too much of an effort! Especially if it’s the same colour or a variation of that colour, like a different shade of nude. Sometimes, if it’s our toes we’re painting we only paint the big toe nail because it’s the only one that shows in our new sandals. Ain’t nobody got time to paint the teeny tiny toes without it going everywhere for them not to be seen anyway.

2. Creep on someone-don’t- know-that- well’s social media.

Then pretend like we don’t know absolutely everything - like where they went on holiday in 2011, what they looked like as a child, all about their ex’s and their cousin from Australia’s profession - about them when if we eventually come to meet them.

3. Period Pants.

Our brown stained friends, companions, there through good times and the bad times - ok maybe just the bad times – but we will never EVER throw them away they are loyal! Although sometimes they disappear, to the place where the other member of a sock pair goes (or probably thrown away by a traitor partner) and we’ll definitely end up ruining another pair.

4. Wearing the exact same outfit days in succession with different groups of people.

Saturday – a day out with friends, Sunday – a family BBQ, Monday – Work. It’s just efficient more than anything. I mean why would we not utilise a carefully put together outfit when our company will be none the wiser, UNLESS someone puts a picture on Facebook or more likely you spill something down yourself at the BBQ then that’s your plan foiled.

5. Only washing bras when they smell or are visibly dirty.

I mean they’re right next to our skin, and armpits, and middle-of- boobies-bit- that-gets-sweaty, but that doesn’t mean they get dirty right? I mean yes ok we have about 50 bras but we only actually wear 3 or 4 –the comfy ones, and they very rarely get washed, cause if they’re in the wash we can’t wear them, but they’re our favourites so we need to wear them! When it does necessary to wash them, we usually have to put them all in at the same time because they’ve been exhausted and we have to suffer a couple of uncomfortable days until their return.

6. The hair ball.

When we wash our hair and it gets all in between our fingers, we don’t want to clog up the drain so we transfer the onto the shower wall in a lovely little swirl so that it can be put in the bin or flushed down the toilet or thrown out the window when we’re done. That’s when we even wash our hair… we have a very close relationship to our dry shampoo.

7. Turning down the volume on our headphones so we can eavesdrop on public transport.

Or anywhere for that matter, it’s goss we have absolutely no idea about or who these people are but we must know. I don’t know Amanda but I need to know why she dumped Tom and what happened in Geoff’s client meeting at work today.

8. A quick sniff check.

Usually we have a chair in our room, or a corner, or a shelf, somewhere which has a pile of worn clothes. We frequent that pile to sniff the armpits of a jumper and the crotch of our jeans to see if we can get another wear out of them.


We’re all in the same boat ladies, don’t pretend you don’t do these things or at least some of these things… WHO’S WITH ME?! (...anyone?)

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