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10 Things You Might Not Know About My Valentine.

10 Things You Might Not Know About My Valentine.

So it's Valentine's Day and I rarely divulge in my private life so what better way to rectify that and merge the two into a tasty list post than give you 10 facts about my better half (I jest, I am the better half). 

1. His name is Joseph which has been shortened all his life to Jos and I have always spelled it Joss and cannot break the habit of a life time. No YOU'RE spelling your own boyfriend's name wrong. 

2. We got together when we were 17 which means this May we have been together for 6 whole years. We met at school and became friends on a History tour round Prague, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, the Rhine Valley and Belgium.

3. We have been living together since the end of November last year in a little granny flat which his hideously generous parents converted for us in their home.

4. We have his and hers cars - Citroen C1's in red (him) and baby blue (me) except mine is a 12 plate and his is 07 and mine has the newer sportier shape i.e is better. 

5. The best thing he has taught me is to drive the quad bike (his family own a bunch of land full of animals that need feeding).

6. He no longer remembers birthdays/events/family occasions or anything of importance because I am horrifically organised and tell him where to sign his name, where to turn up to and how much he owes for a present. 

7. We have been on 3 holidays with my family, weekends away with his family and 3 holidays on our own and haven't killed each other. 

8. The best present I have given him (in my opinion) was when I surprised planned a weekend at the Harry Potter studio tours for Christmas 2012 and the best gift he gave me (in my opinion) is a white gold ring with my birthstone in set amongst two little diamonds. 

9. Now we live together and our family homes are only 15 minutes drive apart but when we went to university we distanced ourselves from each other by a cosy 4 hours in Bristol and Wrexham respectively. 

10. Of all the people in our year at school we were THE most unlikely couple because we were worlds apart in friends, interests and lives and that's probably why we stuck together.

Happy Valentine's Day all - hope it's full of love!   

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