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Friday Favourites - 12th February 2016

Friday Favourites - 12th February 2016

Ok so firstly some apologies. This is the latest that a Best Of The Week has gone up but I promised I would keep on track and that I have! 

Secondly, my social media game this week has been appalling, as has my blogging form. I have been hideously busy in my personal life, babysitting, birthdays, family days off and most importantly I have been redecorating. 

I have a new studio/office space in the works and I have spent every free minute of this week (which hasn't been a lot) shopping for paint and then, well, painting. The room was originally bright red and I was painting it white with grey skirtings (originally black vom) so it's taken a LOT of work just to get it covered. I can't admit it's going to get better either as tomorrow and Sunday I have to move all my furniture in, find a home for everything and hang my many many pictures all whilst seeing family and watching 3 matches of rugby (soz, priorities). 

If it's any consolation to my poor form, I'll do a studio tour when it's all up and running!

Blogging wise, I have been blogging but that's essentially just because I had them scheduled, I also had a post lined up for yesterday and tomorrow, both of which are not going to materialise and as you can see, today's came to you just out of sheer stubbornness. If you have missed any of my blog posts this week because of my lack of promoting on social media here's a list and a few links of what's been happening and never fear for the missing content, it'll just be coming to you a bit later this month! 

What I learnt from moving away and back again! 

Why Valentine's isn't just for couples. 

Top social media hits January 2016. 

20 Valentine's gifts & cards from £1.00

So now the apologies are over; you might have noticed I have changed the name of this weekly round up! It's still the same old Best Of The Week, it still happens on a Friday and it's still 5 lovely things with photos but Friday Favourites just has a better ring to it and let's be honest here....all bloggers do them. 


Now all the formalities are out of the way, here's what's been making me happy over the past 7 days (in amongst literally watching paint dry). 

1. Valentine's Day Cards. 

My Valentine's Day cards sale is over! I sold out of my cuppa tea cards which was awesome and I only have 2 left of the pizza, cactus and viking prints and I am SO happy with the reception they have got! The cards have been seen, shared and liked on FB more than 10,000 times and hundreds on Twitter. My stats on Etsy have been off the chart compared with any other month and I am so encouraged by the amounts of favourites I have had and the amount of people who will now see when I list more items. I am INCREDIBLY thankful to all the lovely ladies (and the two equally lovely blokes) who bought my cards for their loved ones, your reviews, lovely comments and orders mean the world to me and I genuinely thank you all for supporting my business. I have mother's day cards in the printers currently which will be stocked on my shop late next week so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to favourite me! 

Buy here!

2. Pancake Day. 

I mean, is this not everybody's favourite thing of the past 7 days? (Apart from pizza day which was the same day in the States, who knew). I was feeling a bit hard done by this pancake day when my mother announced that due to it being her birthday on Shrove Tuesday this year, she wouldn't be doing any cooking and that meant no pancakes - selfish I know. So pancake day was significantly improved when, after phoning my mama from my bed to sing HB, the other half came in with a cuppa tea and announced a fully laid table and mound of pancakes waiting for me in the other room. He's a good egg he really is and it made for the ultimate flatlay. 

3. Happy Birthday Mama Rees. 

Seen as I've already mentioned it, it was my mum's birthday on Shrove Tuesday and whilst it was low key, it was cute and we had a carvery which is always ideal. We also surprised her on the Monday with banners, cake, candles, flowers and presents in my brother's flat as she couldn't see him, his girlfriend or my niece on the day itself. My 8 month old niece even managed to sign her own name on her card (and a bit on her leg) so it was all in all pretty sweet and she was pleased!

Oh and this card was sent to her by my bestie Tania of tclarkedesign which you can shop on Etsy over here!

4. RBS 6 Nations. 

If you're not a fan of rugby you should probably just skip this section as it's likely to feature in my Friday Favs (new name yo) for a few weeks to come. Unless obvs Wales loose and then I'll just remove all evidence of it and pretend we won and it's all good. I love the rugby, I have been waiting for this 6 nations since the day the world cup finished last autumn and I am massively excited it's back. It started off with a bang and even though Wales Ireland finished in a rather anti climatic draw, at least it wasn't a loss! Roll on Scotland. 

5. Conwy Collective. 

Finally FINALLY I can reveal a collaboration I worked on way back when in November/December with Ben Seas Design, a graphic designer based in North Wales. Ben and I went to uni together albeit in different years in different disciplines but this autumn he contacted me asking me to work on a project he had designed. The Conwy Collective is a map of towns in a portion of the North Wales coast and I illustrated the maps! I handed in my portion of the project months ago so it is super exciting to see it all put together and Ben has created something really impressive. I can't wait to receive my printed copy and if you're a business in North Wales, or want to know where the businesses are, definitely download your copy or get in contact with Ben! 

Follow Ben on social media here:




and check our his website and download your copy of the Conwy Collective here!


Hope you like the renamed Friday Favs and bear with me next week, I will get back to my blogging best I promise!

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