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Things People With A Skin Condition Know To Be True.

Things People With A Skin Condition Know To Be True.

Eczema Treatment Creams.  

Eczema Treatment Creams.  

Bit of a weird title I'll grant you that. 

Here's a fun fact for you; I have 738740237487 allergies and skin conditions. I have eczema from the backs of my hands, all the way up to my arms and shoulders, around the front and back of my neck, around my lips and even underneath one eyebrow and on my forehead. 

I have an allergy to an ingredient in most shampoos and conditioners which makes me look like I have dandruff which is cute. 

I'm also allergic to nuts, pollen, an ingredient in some forms of ibuprofen/paracetamol, cats and dogs (yes I have a cat, yes I take tablets every day to combat that lul) and probably something else that I've forgotten. 

I had eczema on the inside of my knees and elbows when I was a small child, I can remember choosing which colour bandage I wanted at night which were wrapped around cotton wool doused in baby lotion and creams. 

It wasn't until I was 15 that it flared up again when I sat the first of my GCSEs and since then I've been passed on from doctor to doctor to specialist to cream to cream to moisturiser. In my time I've been told the cream I was on was too strong (it was for babies, I was 21), I've been told to avoid hot showers, I've been told to try and air dry as much as possible not towel dry (this is Britain we are talking about not Spain). I can't use hair spray, I can't wear perfume, I can't use spray on deodorant. I can't wear foundation on my skin, I can't wear lipstick, I have to buy a hugely expensive and not widely available shampoo/conditioner. It's all fun and games in my world yuh huh. 

So with that in mind, here's 10 things people with a skin condition know to be true; 

1. Your skin is itchy 24 hours a day. Please just imagine that. 

2. You look like you have nits all the time because you always scratch your head. 

3. No point buying fancy makeup because you're probably allergic to it anyway. 

4. Products for sensitive skin? Yeah you're allergic to them too. 

5. You scratch in your sleep so you wake up covered in tiny cuts. Cute. 

6. Quite often a flare up is triggered by stress and if there's something that will cause you more stress it's angry red scratches on your arms. 

7. Fancy a nice warm shower? Enjoy the flare up you'll get after. 

8. Your friends will joke all the time that oh 'you'll probably be allergic to that lol'. They're probably right. 

9. Want to cut down on the cost of washing whilst you're in uni by sharing the load? Lol jokes you're allergic to the washing powder. 

10. You will spend 992489489234 hours convincing doctors and nurses to refer you to a specialist only to FINALLY be referred and it clear up in 2 days. Thank you Jesus. 


Is this something you suffer with? Hope it's relatable! 




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